ServiceDott Offers Flexible Talent Management Solutions to their Clients


ServiceDott brings to the table an all around talent management tool for their clients to make good use of.

ServiceDott understands the importance of a reliable candidate management system, especially for companies who are in need of employees. The old way of HR recruitment is considered to be outdated making them quite inefficient with their job. This is the reason why ServiceDott has taken the necessary measures in order to provide relevant as well as an innovative talent management system using the latest technologies found today.

ServiceDott has come up with an intelligent and powerful applicant tracking system that is able to do a variety of jobs all at the same time. Their innovative recruitment software system is designed specifically for consultants or recruiters to keep all relevant client particulars like sales calls, contracts, documents, job history on track during various stages of recruitment. With the help of recruitment software in Singapore found at ServiceDott, companies are able to save a great deal of time and resources when looking to manage their talent pool in an effective and efficient manner.

Clients can truly feel that ServiceDott is ready to take any job that is given to them. This is quite apparent with the extensive features and functions found in their talent management software. For instance, their cloud recruitment system makes use of the Import Manager which allows the legacy data to be pulled into DM Recruit. It enables the data to be pulled in a batch from Excel or Folders, to create a sturdy centralized database of candidates, jobs, clients and contact while at the same time makes it possible to save candidate information through the email interface which makes it simpler for the recruiters to work with a single data bucket. All of these are done in a simple and intuitive manner with the amazing HR software in Singapore ServiceDott has integrated over their website.

Speaking of their website, the company makes it relatively easy for their clients to make use of Applicant Tracking system (ATS) in Singapore or other similar hiring management system with them being available over their website. Here, clients will be able to have their questions and other related inquiries answered. Customers can get in touch with them through various means including their customer hotline, email and also their physical address. The huge amount of accessibility they provide makes it feasible for their clients to acquire an online recruitment system at any given time when the need calls for them to do so.

About Service Dott:

ServiceDott Pte Ltd specializes in providing state-of-the-art Candidate Management System to organizations to improve their effectiveness and efficiency of talent management. Founded more than six years ago by seasoned recruitment professionals from the industry, ServiceDott is well known for helping businesses automate the various activities associated with their recruitment and hiring process. Hundreds of companies and thousands of recruiters make use of their Cloud-based software daily to reduce their labour of placement and hiring. To find out more, you can head over to their website at


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