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Looking for a right sightseeing tour agency can be cumbersome and annoying while choosing the right packages for the tour can be time wasting and annoying. Foreigners who are travelling away from their home to the place unknown might expect to receive great deal of city tour in term of convenient and timely trip. Singapore which is one of the country that thrives in economic offer plenty of interesting attractions and to make it successful, there are plenty of tour agency preside in the country. One of them is Friendly Wheel Transport.

Friendly Wheel Transport headquartered in Singapore is a sightseeing tour agency. It is being built to compete in the tourism market and to fill in the specific gap of the local sightseeing market. It is claim by the company to bring reasonable priced with high quality of services of sightseeing. In addition, their motivation to provide the best sightseeing tour agency in term of safety, reliable and fun has add a ferry services among their services.

There are plenty of places in Singapore that offer by the agency to their clients such as Universal Studios, Garden at the Bay, Singapore Night Safari, among many others major attractions. There are also several interesting packages and affordable prices of fleets made available in hope to attract more clients to deal with the company. In return, this help the tourism of Singapore to thrives around the world and becoming one of interesting holiday destination.

Booking the services offer by the agency can be done via the website, call, or by going to their office in Singapore. Ensuring that the clients would easily reach their offices to gain their services, the agency is located at a great location in the heart of Singapore. This ambitious agency hope to be recognized as one of the sightseeing tour agency that offer to their clients variety of services such as limousine services, airport transfers, city tour and bus charter.

About Friendly Wheel Transport
Friendly Wheel Transport offer variety of transport services needed in Singapore. The services offers by the agency include airport transfers, corporate transport solutions, Singapore city tours and events transport services. There are also limousine services and ferry services for the convenient of their business clients and travellers. The company charge an affordable S$ 50 to S$ 140 per trip. For more information, visit

To learn more about the transport service from Friendly Wheel Transport, please contact:
Friendly Wheel Transport
8 Jalan Tekad, Singapore 678463
Phone Number: +65 9234 1269

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