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Get Chemistry tuition in Singapore from Focus ChemistryDo you find it a challenge to get good grades in the Chemistry subject? If so, it would be a great idea for you to check out your options for a high quality Chemistry tuition in Singapore. Being part of this academic centre brings you many perks, which include:

Focus on smaller groups of students

It is undeniable that school teachers have a larger group of students to teach than tutors, hence not every student is given full attention from school teachers. That comes the second reason for you to look for a professional Chemistry tuition centre in Singapore. Get yourself enrolled in a tuition centre that organises classes with a maximum 10 pupils per lesson. You will definitely get the tutor’s attention and ensure every doubt you have could be cleared in the class. The instructors may then be able to be more attentive to how each learner may be grasping the lessons, leading to a more efficient teaching-learning strategy.

Continuous support for students

Upon having a Chemistry tutor in Singapore, it can be reassuring to know how your teachers will always be available especially during times of crucial review sessions. Some would even go to greater lengths about being present or available, as they provide digital venues for discussion. Students can post a couple of questions via chat groups on WhatsApp. They have a principle which allows for students to learn, 24/7.

Room for interactions and discussions

If you’re enrolling in an O Level or A level chemistry tuition, you’ll find Focus Chemistry’s tuition classes in Singapore provides opportunities for classroom discussions. This should help students to further understand the lessons since they can share ideas with their peers. Lively discussions will help in making lessons interesting and engaging.

Worksheets are provided for practice

Are you planning to take up a Chemistry bridging course? If so, then you must seize the learning opportunities which worksheets are provided. As students are exposed to notes and practicing sheets, they will soon get used to answering more complex questions, especially during the day of testing.

See the possibility of customisation

For those who would like to improve on specific areas of Chemistry, you can further consult a Chemistry tutor in Singapore and see how a customised learning package can be made for you. You can further ask about Focus Chemistry’s teaching philosophy, to make sure you’ll be on the right track when it comes to achieving higher grades.

About Focus Chemistry

As an excellent centre for Chemistry tuition in Singapore, Focus Chemistry offers O Level, A Level and University Chemistry Programs to fit the needs of learners. Being one of the school’s head tutors, Dion Khoo has many years of teaching experience and is very familiar with Chemistry questions. With his expertise and teaching strategies, students will more agile when it comes to answering more challenging Chemistry tests. For more details about the centre, visit

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