The significance of office space



Office spaces are a must in Singapore. The nature of the business does not matter, the industry does not matter and the type of production does not matter. What matters most is the office space, especially in a country with a booming economy growth like Singapore.

Even those who are doing a start-up are keen in organizing office space. The work space is seen as the foundation of a business. If the foundation is not strong, the building is bound to collapse.

In this technologically advanced world, office space is seen as an unnecessary element. The young generations believe there is no need for office space when there is social media where everything can be done online. But they are wrong. Office space is an absolute necessity to a business.

Office space sets a tone

Office space sets a tone to the business. The people working in the company will be influenced by the tone of the work space. For instance, the very famous ‘open, transparent, and flat management structure’ can only be done with an office space which is open and includes all the staffs.

This open office space sets the tone whereby everyone connects naturally and there is no behind-the-doors business going on between the employer and employee as well as between the co-workers. This promotes a trustable environment to work in and consequently, a rise in the production.

Office space enhances communication

It is a common knowledge that communication is crucial in dealing with staffs and clients. The lack of communication can result in dangerous situations where there is no understanding between staffs and worse, a deal gone wrong.

The usage of social media has been known to increase miscommunication by leaps and bounds since it is very easy to misinterpret the tone of voice and the body language when there is a screen between the speakers.

Hence, when it comes to efficient communication, face-to-face communication is the best. This is because it gives a personal feel and any misinterpretation can be solved on the spot. As such, it is important to have an office space which will promote communication between staffs and employers.

Office space promotes routine

Routine is the key to a successful business. Many successful people with successful businesses are known to have precise routines once they wake up and when they work. Routine gives no space for laziness or demotivation.

Having an office space clearly defines the routine. There will be a start and an end. This leaves no chance for slacking off work and eliminates distraction as everyone will be focused on completing the routine once they enter the office space. The mind will be trained to work efficiently within the particular office space and the set routine. As a result, productivity will increase and consequently the business will boom.

The technology might have undergone massive transformation but the fact that office space is the most important element of a business cannot be denied. An office space will positively influence a business.


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