Significant roles in diversity: TNS supplying for over 20 applications in the business


TNS, a recognized supplier in Singapore for industrial computing and network communications equipment, has reached its expertise in providing products and supplies in the business for over 20 diverse applications. The applications have reflected the significance of the company to the diverse ecological functions in the society. It has paved the way for different fields to develop and improve operations in serving the public.

Offering a portfolio of over 5,000 industrial products in Singapore and across the Asia-pacific region, TNS has also established 23 applications to provide excellent gateways towards a seamless connection of devices to the central network which is evidently a significant key towards the operational performance of the different sectors and clusters in the society.

The company presents a wide variety of applications that may be brought by the technological products and services they provide. These are:


Building Automation

 High Stakes Networking For Safety and Reliability
 IP Surveillance System For a Stadium
 IP CCTV Solutions for Enterprises

Factory Automation

 Network Enabling CNC Machines

Infocomm& IT

 Telecommunication Remote Control Maintenance

Kiosk, POS, ATM

 Self Service Kiosk
 Bluetooth Connectivity to Payment Terminals


 Marine Dynamic Positioning System
 Oil Spill Detection System

Medical and Healthcare

 Pharmaceutical Research Laboratories
 eHealthcare
 Hospital Information System

Monitoring & Control

 Street Light Control System
 Fire Alarm System
 Gas Pipeline Tunnel Monitoring

Oil and Gas

Power & Utilities

 Automatic Power Meter Reading


 High Stakes Networking For Safety and Reliability
 IP Surveillance System For a Stadium
 IP CCTV Solutions for Enterprises


 Intelligent Traffic Management System
 Ventilation Control In Tunnels
 IP Video Surveillance For Wayside Environment
 Onboard WiFi for Train

TNS, through its diverse products such as PoE Switch, industrial wireless, fiber ethernet converter, modbustcp, embedded computer, panel pc, serial converters, profibus converter, remote automation, video surveillance and the likes have made a significant contribution in the massive functional industries in the society.

There are over 7 product which are also available by request especially when it is intended for a specific purpose. The capacity of the company to provide solutions to the seemingly countless problems has led them to different applications mentioned above providing power support and wireless efficiency for the convenience and competent performance of each sectors. TNS has also provided a platform for the trusted brands and manufacturers such axiomtek and moxain Singapore.

About TNS:
Established since 2002, TNS is a one-stop supplier for industrial computing and network communications equipment to over 10,000 engineers located across the Asia-Pacific region. Offering a portfolio of over 5,000 industrial products, and with a management team of over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, the TNS team is richly experienced with in-depth knowledge about industrial info-communications equipment and its associated applications across major industries. Our sales and technical support teams are committed and kept abreast of the latest industry trends and technologies through constant knowledge updates and training. To find out more, visit:

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