Singapore Men Elated with O Medical Clinic’s Hair Loss Treatment


Hair loss or alopecia has always been considered as a scourge by men. While there may be some who are totally safe from the condition, many are actually affected by it. Hair loss may be caused by natural factors. Oftentimes, it is genetics that determine this, which means that one who is balding usually gets it from his family. This is no longer a major problem nowadays though unlike before. This is because certain methods have now been introduced to treat the condition. O Medical Clinic, a premier cosmetic medicine institution in Singapore, offers hair loss treatment as one of its most sought after services.

Aside from the genetic factor, it is very likely that balding can also be attributed to aging. Apparently, it is only older men who are usually confronted with hair loss. This does not mean though that the women are absolutely safe from the condition. It has been noted that there seems to be an increasing number of women who are affected by this problem. In fact, it is possible that the other factor, which is hormonal in nature, may have triggered alopecia. With the advance of cosmetic medical science though, various methods have been introduced in order to treat hair loss. O Medical Clinic is one of those institutions in Singapore that has made a headway in this regard.

One of the key measures that may be applied to hair loss patients is the use of certain medications. These may come in the form of shampoos which can be used daily. The objective is to encourage hair growth. However, this procedure may not be very effective. In fact, it does not guarantee good results in a short time. O Medical Clinic has more advanced ways to deal with the issue. This is the reason why there is an increasing number of men who have actually gone to their clinic for treatment.

According to one very satisfied client of O Medical Clinic, it is not just the result that makes the clinic endearing but the over-all quality of the service. The medical professionals do not hastily prompt the patient to undergo a hair loss treatment procedure. Instead, they will first conduct a consultation in order to find out which will be the best remedy. The procedure itself is known to be very safe, with the patient assured that there will be no accidents that may occur. The facility of the clinic is very clean and is very comfortable. Another added advantage that O Medical Clinic offers is the affordable cost of the treatment.

About O Medical Clinic:

O Medical Clinic is a Singapore-based medical aesthetics clinic. It offers a host of services related to medical aesthetics, from Botox application, to face lift, and cosmetic surgery. Since its establishment, it has built a name as one of the leading institutions for medical aesthetics in the country. Heading the team of doctors who are recognized experts in this particular field of medicine is Dr. Yong Zy. Dr. Yong specializes in aesthetic medicine. More information can be obtained at

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