Singapore WSQ Tourism And Hospitality Courses


wsq-courses-in-singaporeExpand your knowledge with rigorous tourism and hospitality courses exclusively offered in Singapore. This country has evolved as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world which has given rise to the demand of persons trained in tourism and hospitality management. Not only education in this sector offers you with a great range of knowledge about tourism, but also offers you with outstanding job opportunities. Keeping all these factors in concern, a number of training centers have come into existence, offering such training under the approval of Singapore WDA or Workforce Development Agency.

Different courses offered

Under the guide of experienced professional, WDA courses are offered at leading institutions in Singapore. The range of the courses includes:

    • WSQ certificate course in Accommodation and Hotel services
    • WSQ Diploma Courses in Travel and Tourism
    • WSQ Modular Course

If you are willing to get yourself enrolled in any of these courses and attain WDA reward for completion of the courses, you will have to necessarily meet certain norms. First and foremost, you need to be a permanent resident or citizen of Singapore, need to achieve full attendance throughout the class, get all the assessments completed, submitted on time and make sure to contribute all your efforts in securing a good standpoint in the country’s tourism and hospitality sector.

Searching for the best training institution in Singapore

Training centers dealing with these courses impart your knowledge by conducting lectures, AV presentations, demonstrations and practical classes. At the end of these courses, you need to apply for the examination, which is divided into three parts: oral, written and practical. Only upon attaining pass marks in all these three examinations, you are granted the passing certificate or award. So if you are searching for institutions imparting education related to the country’s travel and tourism, join hands with the internet to search for the most reliable one.

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