Singapore’s Corporate Gift Specialist: Graphic Direction


gdgifts-sells-customised-gifts-in-singaporeCorporate events require so much work to prepare for. The guests must be invited, the venue to be chosen, and so much more! If you’ve ever been a part of a planning committee for any sort of event you would know. Things need to be perfect when the day comes!

Now one thing that all companies share the need for is their go-to-guy for corporate gifts. We all need that one trusted corporate gift supplier for our company whom we can go to whenever we need anything prepared. It’s preferable that this designated supplier works fast, deliver on time, and is flexible in accommodating to the different specifications and requests that any company might have. It’s much preferable if the supplier company is a local one as well.

Graphic Direction has made in a name as a reliable corporate gift supplier since 1983. They are the answer woes to anyone looking for unique, customisable corporate gifts, business gifts or even door gifts. They manufacture a wide range of products. There are daily use products such as coin banks, waterproof silicon wristwatch, and even a car handy emergency tool for safety and convenience. They also manufacture common notebook diaries that we seem to receive every December and January. Diaries, pencils, and pens can be found in their stationary range that is bursting with variety! Within the stationary category alone, they feature leather memo boxes, a wide range of pens, name card holders, and much more! They are all full customisable to fit the needs of client companies, and the range of selection they have might even leave you overwhelmed! Better yet, some of these stationary products come with an eco-friendly option, such as their 5-in-1 Tri-Fold Eco Notepad that is made entirely of recyclable paper and fibre. For those eco-friendly companies who want to reduce their carbon footprint on the Earth, they’ll be glad to know that products made from environmental-friendly material obtained from sustainable sources are available at Graphic Direction as well.

If we’re talking about corporate gifts, how can we forget digital products? USB Flash Drives and power banks are common gifts, and we can see why. These creatively-designed products that bear the name, logo and motto of client companies serve as a silent presence to those who use it, and it is very practical as life enters the digital age. There are other digital products that Graphic Direction produces as well, such as a compact USB hub that allows the connection of more than one USB port and also a handy retractable charging cable for those who all-too-common cable tangles we get in our bags. There is also a combination of a power bank and flash light as a multipurpose tool that is sure to come in handy in emergencies.

On a more active side, their sports and drink ware section supply sport towels, bottles, vacuum thermos flask, plain drinking bottles, and much more! We challenge you to find a product that is not listed on our website. If you need that product, Graphic Direction welcomes you to let them know, because their dedicated gift specialists will source it out, find it, customize it, and deliver it to you for your corporate event. Check out their website here at You will be spoilt for choice!

About Graphic Direction

Graphic Direction has their own in-house production and printing machines in Singapore, allowing them to meet deadlines that allows them to be a step ahead of the competition. They are able to cater to companies with a small minimum order quantity, as they believe that nothing is too little to print. Check out their website here or visit them at their office in Singapore for more information!

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