Sky-High Dining In Orchard Central


The concept of sky-high dining is quite popular among the shoppers who visit Orchard Central, the popular mall located across Orchard Road. Most of the cafes in the mall are located on the top floors. The building is made of 14 floors and the sight from the top is truly breathtaking. Whether it is day or night, dining in Orchard Singapore Central cafes can be really memorable. However, you need to select the right hotel or cafe that can offer you seats with an awesome sky-high view.

Selecting a cafe in Orchard Central

  • There are around 36 restaurants and cafes in Orchard Central that are popular for their food and beverages. So you have a long list to choose from. The best way to get a general idea about these places is to go through their sites.
  • Some of the restaurants that are located on the top floors are Joie by Dozo, Ban Heng, Talay Kata, 49 Seats, Sumiya and Tung Lok Seafood. The rest of the restaurants are located on floors below 8th The restaurants might change or shift at times so whenever you are visiting make sure to inquire before selecting a place for dinner.
  • For a special breakfast or afternoon tea Orchard cafes offer certain extraordinary drinks and menus. The espresso, cappuccino and Japanese tea preparations offered at places like Maccha House and Dean and Deluca are quite remarkable.
  • Yet another great way to learn about the service and ambiance of these restaurants is to inquire with the stores in the mall. The storekeepers would offer their honest reviews about these restaurants as they always want to please their customers.

Cafes in Orchard Road

Some of the best and the busiest restaurants in Singapore are located in Orchard Road. For a special afternoon tea or French style brunch in Orchard Singapore Road, you may visit Laurent’s Cafe. The restaurant which is located at the center of the shopping belt in Orchard Road is quite convenient to reach.

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