Slim Couture Introduces Guasha


Always being the trailblazer in the traditional methods of making people look better, Slim Couture introduces to clients Guasha.  Guasha means “scraping the skin” in Chinese.  However, it is not done on any external part of the body.  Instead it is performed as a form of therapy on certain skin parts which people are most likely to notice. It is actually a traditional Chinese therapeutic method.  It does not only make one look better.  It also guarantees general wellness as the procedure impacts also the internal parts.  Even as it is relatively an ancient practice, it is considered as something novel.  Currently, it has generated much interest in the services of Slim Couture.

A special apparatus is employed in practicing Guasha.  Such apparatus is not easily available from any store or pharmacy.  With Slim Couture offering the service though, anyone may still be able to enjoy the benefits of Guasha. Aside from the necessity of a special device for performing it, the practice of Guasha is not also very common.  Only very people can actually be considered as practitioners.  Slim Couture is one of the very few therapy centers that has in its fold the most proficient Guasha practitioners in Singapore.  This is considered as of the reasons why Slim Couture has an edge over others in the same line of business.

Once someone undergoes Guasha, he or she may have some redness on the skin.  In fact, it is possible that these actually seem to be bruises if not scrutinized well.  Aside from, this he or she may feel warmth right on the spots where the skin scraping is done. Some pain may also be experienced.  However, there would be enough time before another session is to be conducted.  The interval usually takes 3 to 6 days.  There should be enough time to relax from the pain.

Guasha is a therapy that may not be applicable to all.  There individuals that are allowed to undergo such procedure. Among those that Guasha practitioners are those with severe coronary artery diseases, edema, those with dermatological disorders, and those with problems in their kidney or liver. Apparently, the procedure may result in some degree of pain and irritation.  If someone already has a weak health condition, this may not help in alleviating.  Instead, it may result into other health issues. This is the reason why one has to undergo some check-ups by a medical practitioner before he is allowed to go through Guasha.

About Slim Couture

Slim Couture is a company based in Singapore that is focused on helping women achieve better looks through slimming and other safe methods. The company is best known for being a proponent and practitioner of traditional Chinese methods, which is why it guarantees its patrons of safe and effective ways. In 2013 and 2014, Slim Couture was awarded as one of the Singapore Quality Brands.  During the same years, it also won the Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award.  Both coveted awards were results of the company’s continuous effort to provide quality services to its clients.  Visit its website at

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