Slim Couture reveals secret behind Divine Slim


Slim Couture, a home-grown Singapore company which is focused on helping women lose weight safely, reveals the secret behind Divine Slim, its treatments, schedules, and even the rates for the slimming service. The company shows how the slimming measure is done and its effects to the body. It can particularly guide the interested clients as they make research for such slimming approach.

The company has been focused on helping women lose weight using safe means and methods. Slim Couture uses the principles of traditional Chinese medicine to provide successful weight loss solutions since 2010.

The divine Slim has always been client-oriented providing quality services. These services are awarded with Quality brands 2013/2014 and the Top 100 Singapore excellence award 2013/2014. The people and great physician is also behind the success of divine slim. With 24 years of experience, Physician Colin Chan Peng Chong (SRN CCRN), a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) internal medicine and acupuncture practitioner, leads the team in delivering such services to their valued clients and customers. Colin Chan Peng Chong is also A sought-after seminar speaker, academic and clinical mentor, he is also registered with the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board, Ministry of Health Singapore. He is also a Lecturer, Clinical Mentor and Examiner of the Singapore Traditional Chinese Medical College.

“Slim Couture’s clients include air crew personnel, bankers and working professionals.”

The treatment and schedules

 Slim Couture has provided the information in order to guide and provide convenience to the clients as they avail their services:

They offer standard treatment schedules, though results may vary or each individual.

* 8 treatment sessions in 28 days, twice per week

Suitable for those who are overweight by 5kg or more. Customers usually see a significant reduction in their measurements upon their 4th treatment, with about 3kg to 5kg weight loss (* Results may vary base on the individual).

* 12 treatment sessions in 42 days, twice per week

Suitable for those who are overweight by more than 5kg to 10kg. There will be a drop in clothing sizes (e.g. from L to M), with about 4kg to 6kg weight loss (* Results may vary base on the individual).

Treatment schedules can also be tailored to suit your personal requirements. For those who are overweight by more than 10kg, additional treatment sessions can be added for further reduction in weight.


Divine slim is the modern trend of slimming. It is a combination of traditional methods with the modern technology and knowledge in order to achieve not the only the weight goals but also in achieving a healthy body the safe way. Slim Couture also offers other slimming services such as acupuncture which is also said to be effective in losing weight .


About the company:

Slim Couture is a home-grown Singapore company focused on helping women lose weight safely. Through the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, Slim Couture prides itself in providing successful weight loss solutions to female clients with weight issues since 2010. To find out more, visit:


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