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The weight loss solution provider in SG gets feedback from the clients

Slim Couture, a home-grown Singapore company which is focused on helping women lose weight safely, talks about the blogs and online feedback of the its clients about its slimming techniques and services. Blogs sites and other testimonials are found in different websites that was written from the clients perspective and first hand experiences. The company has taken out several remarkable quotes from the media sites to make it easier for interested clients and customers to assess their services as well as its outcome.

With the safe means and methods, the company provides another way in helping women lose weight effectively. For 6 years, it has been focused on its principles of traditional Chinese medicine to achieve successful weight loss solutions.

Slim Couture, with its slimming techniques especially through acupuncture has gained several reactions from the clients who have their own web space which provides insights and views about their experiences in different service providers and companies. They provide helpful comments, suggestions, and even recommend the companies that complied with their standards or exceeds their expectations in some cases. Here are some of the valuable reviews and comments taken from the media:

Miss Tam Chiak’s Quote:

Look Beyond the Scale

My jeans: My clothes are looser. They are fitting better and more comfortable.

My gym performance: It has improved and I can train longer and complete my exercises with more ease.

My daily tasks: I find it easier to carry heavy bags and I don’t feel as heavy as an elephant anymore.

My energy levels: I find myself less exhausted and more pumped when I wake up.

My reflection: I look good when I appear in the mirror. It’s firmer and I like what I see

Yina Goh’s Quote: “I still remember the first time I stepped into Slim Couture and Joanne, one of the two pretty bosses, had a look at me. She went so far as to say “Wah… Your body really doesn’t do your face justice!” Geez, damn depressing to hear that can. But I’m glad that after my sessions at Slim Couture, I feel that my silhouette and proportions have seen marked improvement already!”

Yan Kay Kay’s Quote: “If I lost in just kilograms, I’d probably attribute it to water retention and all. But SC really helped me to lose in cm in these problem areas that I found so freaking difficult to slim down.”

The testimonies of their clients, indeed, can help others in critically choosing the means of losing weight. However, according to them, the results still vary according to individual and the bodies reaction to the slimming technique and services provided.

About the company:

Slim Couture is a home-grown Singapore company focused on helping women lose weight safely. Through the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, Slim Couture prides itself in providing successful weight loss solutions to female clients with weight issues since 2010. To find out more, visit:

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