Slimming massage program to pamper and achieve fit body goals at Mummy’s massage


Mummy’s massage, singapore’s leading prenatal and post natal massage therapy company offering service exclusive to mothers only, devised a slimming massage program to pamper and treat mothers at the same time help them achieve fit body goals after gaining weight during and after pregnancy stage.
The company has been dedicated to provide quality services for the welfare of mothers and mothers-to-be through their prenatal and post natal massage and other safe and natural techniques.

“Our focus is in creating a balanced and healthy overall body wellness. Thus our Slimming Massage Package uses 100% All Natural Techniques, using a combination of tested and proven safe approach that is often overlooked and undervalued (despite its effectiveness!) in slimming techniques.”, says the team behind mummy’s massage.

The slimming program is composed of four safe natural fat burning techniques to losing weight such as:

  1. Massage Therapy
    There is a specific massage technique that is used for centuries which uses the mechanical beating action that will help loosen the fatty deposits and breaks down the cellulite. This action needs to be repeated regularly to the the target areas, usually the abdomen area, buttocks, thighs and underarms. At the same time, since the blood flow to the skin will increase, it increases the absorption rate of any products used so that it can seep in deeper to work at a deeper level.
  2. Natural Slimming Products
    All external slimming products where you apply on your skin, for example creams, lotions or oils have the same functions to target in breaking down the fatty deposits on the top surface layer of fats underneath the skin, penetrating deeply to reach the cellulite. Mummy’s Massage believes in using only all- natural 100% plant extract with the exact same properties using Aromatherapy Essential Oil & Jamu and not any laboratory created chemically synthesised products that are untested with side-effects.
  3. Thermotherapy
    Used even by athletes, this is one of the most natural yet effective ways in breaking down external fats. The by-product of fats being broken down is sweat. So the more you sweat, the more you are breaking down the fats. One way is through exercise and the other is via external stimulus such as the sauna or the thermal blanket. So after the slimming massage and application of the natural slimming products, thermotherapy also helps in maximising absorption of the slimming products.
  4. Slimming Wraps
    Using the same principles of waist training using a corset, the slimming wraps forces your body to follow the external shape of the slimming wraps (i.e corset). Depending on how tight and how long you decide to leave it on, your internal organ will eventually follow the contour of the slimming wraps. Also, since your tummy is “tucked” in a smaller confined space, you will feel full faster naturally as your stomach cannot expand, which reduces the portion of food you eat, indirectly helps you to eat less thus lose weight.

    Each of the steps have different services that uses cutting edge techniques and approaches to provide relaxation as well as health and beauty benefits. Mummy’s massage created a new oasis for mothers in losing or controlling weight and thus achieving and maintaining a body to flaunt with their cute little baby angels.

About Mummy’s massage:
Mummy’s massage is Singapore’s leading prenatal and postnatal massage therapy company offering service exclusive to mothers only. It provides various massage therapy and services addressing the common concerns and problems of mother-to-be’s. The company is founded by Salwa Salim, is a healthcare professional specialising in Women & Baby’s health. To find out more, visit:

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