Public Speaking Academy, a training center in Singapore that focuses on bringing out the total confidence of individuals to express and impress through a wide array of communication skills enhancement trainings, is offering a specialized module for students under Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Level. This new module is rallying round for students who aspire to ace their national examinations.

Aside from systematic training modules that the academy has conceptualized for the students and working adults to develop effective communication competency, it also offers new module for a specific purpose. The particular modules are specially designed for student candidates who are under the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary categories who have to sit for their corresponding National Examinations. The modules and enrichment classes specially designed for this purpose aim to coach students in becoming proficient writers and communicators, by this means training them to top their examinations.

Via these specialized training modules, the students will be set ready by filling them the essential skills they needed in the enrichment classes to help them ace their end-of-year examinations and to their respective requirements at an effective and hastened pace.

On the training for Primary English module, in preparation for their PSLE the students will be exposed to exercises like: oral examinations where they will be asked to read aloud, and asked to describe picture and be involved in conversation. There will also be listening comprehension, situational writing, composition by means of picture and continuous writing. More importantly, the students will be highly prepped up with lessons on grammar, vocabulary, synthesis and transformation, editing, close passages, comprehension, graphic stimulus and uses of punctuation.

While on the training for Secondary English Language module, in grounding for their GCE ‘O and A’ Levels a somewhat upgrade in the former module will be experienced. On this phase, the students will be tasked to reading a context aloud and also will be inquired to participate in spoken interaction, as part of their oral examination. Several writing exercises will be imposed on this level of training, as such are the narrative writing, expository writing, discussive writing, situational writing, speech writing and personal recount. A lesson on comprehension and summary will likewise be applied.

In the Junior College General Paper module, necessary trainings will be exhibited in relation to their prepping up for the GCE A’ Levels General Paper by being provided with oral examinations via project work to be presented orally. They will as well be subjected to lessons on comprehension, summary and application questions, and of course will they be tasked with writing expository and persuasive essays.

In the module for Polytechnic or Centralized Institutes and Institute of Technical Education, the students will be geared up for their upcoming written reports for projects by being imposed with oral assessment through in-class presentation and elevator pitch. There will also be lessons on report writing, rebuttals and managing ethics, letter writing, and crafting resume and testimonials.

These specialized modules on language enrichment are conducted by the most professional trainers in the academy. The Public Speaking Academy has an academic faculty which is mostly comprised with Law graduates, graduates with major in English Literature and Language, distinguished tutors in the private education industry and national debaters and public speakers.

The Public Speaking Academy is a fast growing local and regional influence in the personal professional training domain. Focused on accentuating the aggregate confidence of individuals to express and impress, the Public Speaking Academy is honored to receive the strong support of education institutions as they begin efforts in transforming the public speaking culture into a more vibrant one. For more information, visit: www.publicspeakingacademy.com.sg

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