Stanford Language Centre is a group of concurring private tutors and teachers which dedicate themselves in Asian Languages with the rationale of establishing eminent and affordable language centre in Singapore. The company aspires to be the most reasonably priced Asian language provider in town, and is after the mission of providing quality conversational language training by being keen in effectiveness on its trainings.

The company Stanford provides extensive thoroughgoing efforts in establishing the choice brand for basic conversational courses for languages such as Mandarin, Thai, Japanese and French. Stanford Language Centre plugs away on the road to providing an integrated and comprehensive scheme in handing over the expertise of mastering a choice of language with the aid of its native trainers. For now, the company does its main business with partners who include hotel, medical, cleaning and other service industries.

Over the years, the company has scored countless of adults in becoming conscious of their potential in being capable of seizing the skills of speaking foreign languages with lesser difficulty. The success and undertakings the company has witnessed from its students have bestowed it the gusto and inspiration to keep on being one of the most trusted language center in Singapore. And as it keep up in submitting and endowing people with efficient conversational classes and language course, the people behind this company will always seize pleasure in being committed and reliable in their response to the call of service, to make certain positive results and outcomes of their students and of more to come.

Stanford Language Centre promises competency in its field, for its private Mandarin or Thai Lessons. It provides one on one lesson provided between a student and a professional teacher or tutor, and it is attuned to students’ own time and location. Hence, students will be more able to discuss and practice more with their tutors.  Stanford Language Centre – Singapore gives personal guide, flexible and customized learning according to student’s own progress.

In its corporate training, adult students can assure of quality lessons that cater to corporate needs by being ensured on what is learned by their trainers. Consequently, the lessons that adult students will learn can be sooner used at workplace. By students’ choice, lessons can be customized and designed design to suit each student’s own nature of company or industry.

Stanford Language Centre also caters its most popular lesson style so far. The Group Classes in Stanford are relaxed, interactive, interesting and cost efficient. Trainers and students are friendly towards each other. More so, students need not to worry when they missed any lessons due to inability to attend classes on certain dates as the company provides free make up class when available.

A workshop if two to three hours is also made available for students so as to focus on useful conversational phases and Singapore Chinese culture. Through this, students can hopefully be prepared for basis and practical Mandarin that can be used in daily living.

Stanford Language Centre’s intensive Mandarin or Thai Lessons are designed to provide students will the necessary understanding, speaking and reading skills within the shortest possible period of time. Students can also choose from the offers of basic to advance level suitable to their personal needs.

Stanford Language Centre is a company in Singapore comprised of a group of like-minded private tutors and teachers specializing in Asian Languages and aim to provide quality and affordable language center in Singapore. For more information, visit:

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