IN3LABS is a learning centre in Singapore which aims to educate, prepare, and equip the youths with essential skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to become creator of technology, successful and inspiring future inventors and innovators at the forefront leading of the nation.

The educators of this learning centre are committed in creating exceptional learning environments through innovative and developmentally-rich curriculum. Moreover, they are involved and engaged trainers with excellent operational abilities. In an effort to enhance their program, the institution partnered by engaging in consultation with the USA and Korea – countries which are ahead of the education curve and commenced to break new ground for IN3LABS. Thus the name is anchored on its motto of: “Integrate, Innovate, Inspire”.

In3LABS believes that learning should start from an early so as to equip the children in developing their skills and intelligence. Hence, the centre offers holiday camps that are full with educational and fun activities! Children will embark on enriching hands-on learning journey to build and program robots equipped with sensors to perform exciting tasks and challenges. The holiday program is open for children from all level.

Course includes training and use of computers, robot kits, curriculum and programming software during the training. Parents do not need to purchase any hardware or software for this course. Light refreshments and snacks will be provided.

For instance, the ROBO Kid Holiday Camp which would cater the children’s explorative and inquisitive nature. This program will allow them to be engaged in enriching activities to cultivate creativity, imagination, and good learning attitude while making their holiday fruitful. The holiday program is open for children with no or little robotics experience. This is actually exclusive for children from age of 5 to 7 years old.

In the duration of the course, young children will be exposed to the training and use of computers, will be given robot kits and will likewise be rendered with curriculum and programming software during the training. Parents do not need to purchase any hardware or software for this course. Moreover, the children’s light refreshments and snacks will be provided for.

In3LABS likewise offer the ROBO Junior Holiday Camp that is divided further into two groups one of which is the ROBO Junior crafted specially for children from ages 8 to 9, and the other being the ROBO Junior 2 for children ranging from age 10 to 11.

The ROBO Junior Holiday Camp caters learning activities such as having hands-on workshop, learning about design and construction of creative robot, gaining knowledge about robot sensors and its functions, learning the concept of programming, fun project-based learning, class activities and challenges and also opportunity for continuing Robotics Education Certification program.

This program is beneficial in the children’s enhancement of their problem solving skills and of their strategic thinking; and of course the improvement of their concentration and attention, the development of their creative thinking skills, the development of their teamwork and communication skills and most of all the enhancement knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

The IN3LABS encourages people especially the young ones to continuously explore, as they believe that there is never only one solution to a problem but rather scores of different solutions. They do not stop when students find an answer, they are being challenged to think laterally and explore all options. The learning center integrates technology into all different areas with its focus being on the children learning and giving them a head start in a largely technology driven world. Its adaptive structured curriculum and educational platforms offer personalized learning based on learner proficiency to suit each child’s unique speed and ability to learn. Workshops conducted by IN3LABS are designed to allow students to discover and develop one’s true potential.

IN3LABS was born when our educators were getting numerous feedback from schools and parents about the lack of quality educational and enrichment options that emphasizes on meeting the growing needs for Science, Techonology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in education for a world that is increasingly automated and technology reliant. For more information, visit:

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