Start Your Own Gym with RXS Crossfit Rig


Home Gym is a proud dealer of fitness equipment across Malaysia. They provide a wide variety of fitness equipment, be it treadmill, exercise bike, and a lot more. They provide high quality fitness equipment, supplies as well as gym accessories. They also provide a high level of service and support to all of their clients.

In addition to their wide array of the best gym equipment in the region, Home Gym now offers the RXS Crossfit Rig, a top-of-the-line equipment for those who would like to set up their own gym at home or as a business.

RXS has risen thanks to the requests and suggestions of CrossFit athletes, sports clubs, boxing and mma fight gyms, schools, competitive lifters, strongman competition trainers, fitness trainers and amateur athletes. RXS is the ideal equipment for any gym, for home or for business: it is a component based, modular system, so you can freely design your own set up to suit your specific requirements within your gym area. This means endless options when it comes to exercise routines and fitness training.

There are a lot of components available for the RXS today, and there are certainly more to be made in the future. Hence you get to expand this CrossFit rig more as you expand your gym business, or even when you simply raise your level of workout at home.

RXS is unlike other gym equipment, which are limited to specific exercises and will probably make you pay for features you did not ask for in the first place. RXS is a system chosen and put together by you, so you have the power to construct it in any way that you please. With this equipment, feel free to set up your own gym which suits your needs. If you are in the gym business, you can have any number of people perform the same or various exercise movements, optimize circuit training, and perform any kind of fitness training – be it isolation and compound exercises, static and dynamic training, or negative and positive training – you can do anything using the RXS.

With the RXS CrossFit rig, you can do anything you like. Feel free to set up your own gym, and you can do workouts as much as you please, try any fitness routines. If you want your own set of RXS for your home gym or to start your gym business, just contact the Home Gym Malaysia for pre-orders.

About Home Gym Malaysia
Home Gym Malaysia is a branch of Home Gym Singapore, an online-based one stop shop for all your home gym equipment needs. Home Gym was founded in 2010 and is now one of people’s top choice when shopping for home gym equipment. They have an extensive selection of professional grade home gym equipment, supplies and accessories. Home Gym offers competitive pricing, friendly service, and the best products that have come from different parts of the world. For more information, visit:

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