Stay in a salt room for natural healing in Singapore


salt-therapy-singaporeSingapore – Ever imagined relaxing in a room where walls are made of salt? It is a riddle to some on how salt room can be of use to anyone let alone a tool to de-stress; relieve body from stress; and treat body problems or illnesses. But researches show that salt can be an effective element to treat different respiratory problems and skin conditions. The value of salt therapy is being celebrated as it is a cost effective remedy that does not make use of any drug medications which can cause some adverse side effects and body discomforts.

 “Salt Therapy, also known as halo-therapy is a 100% drug-free treatment which takes place in a room coated with salt crystals with controlled air and humidity. This microclimate can effectively treat people with various respiratory and skin conditions.”

You can go for salt therapy sessions that aim to let clients inhale salt microcrystals dispersed in the air. The microcrystal salt will then will as anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents in the body treating especially the airways infected with bacteria, mucus, and the likes. Hence, salt therapy aims to prevent and treat even those problems concerning the respiratory system.

Furthermore, in the salt room, the skin is vastly in contact with the skin. The skin is therefore massively treated as well with the healing properties of the salt therapy. Some even patronize salt therapy as it also serve as Eczema cure, Psoriasis cure and other skin conditions without the need to generously apply expensive cream every now and then.

There are some companies in Singapore that have introduced innovative ways to naturally treat different respiratory conditions and skin problems. It is a painless method as clients are asked with no other task but to relax and sleep in the room while the microcrystal salt accomplish its job.

Can people without problems try the salt therapy in Singapore? The answer is a big yes. Salt room does not only serve as a treatment for different skin and respiratory problems but is also a preventive means and is also intended for relaxation purposes.


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