Stay Secure with the Video Surveillance Systems at TNS


TNS has the video surveillance systems, whether you just installed some heavy duty interconnected equipment in your warehouse, or you’d like to keep all your premises secure. They come in various designs, orientations, functionalities and quality of information streams to meet your requirements. Check out these five surveying units and see how they can precisely fit your property today:

Industrial IP Cameras

Moxa in Singapore would be among the brands which TNS carries. Its components are made with industrial centric materials which have been thoroughly calibrated to fit your surveying and streaming needs. If you critically need to keep a close eye on your investment, there are various forms of units which you can install. These include vandal-proof fixed dome for day-and-night use, High Definition Box Type units and square type IP cameras.

A versatile video recording even in harsh environments

If you need to record streams of your video surveillance in various temperatures, TNS Asia Pacific has 8-channel and 4-channel Industrial Network Recorders for you to pick. These support MPEG and MPEG4 video recording and different degree operating temperatures. These also come in small amounts of play streams, so you can be assured of lesser bandwidth. One of the top brands you may consider would be Moxa in Singapore. See how their features can add up to your requirements and existing set up.

Invest in Industrial Video Servers

Do you already have a stable analog camera set up, yet you also need to convert your recorded videos into digital streams? This is where Industrial Video Servers would be quite handy. These are usually transmitted over an IP based network and may even be applicable to IP-based networks. Before ordering your very own installation, it would be necessary to send your request beforehand.

Have the Industrial Video Recorder for reliable performance

Minimize network bandwidth while distributing visible images to your target screens. If your location is placed in harsh environments, you won’t need to fret as much with your installation’s wide temperature applications.

If you’re worried about electrical or EMI surges, the Industrial Network Video recorder from TNS has the video recorder to ensure you’ll have reliable streams of videos. Video Surveillance will get more secure as some well-chosen equipment allow for low power consumption for you to save on costs.

Upgrade your surveillance to IP Formats with Ethernet Coaxial

TNS carries advanced features to fit your upgrade project. Some of them include IP camera support, servers, recorders and converters. Like most of the equipment in TNS, these units can withstand harsh environments. These installations may be vertically and horizontally placed in any of your fixtures.


About TNS Asia Pacific

TNS Asia Pacific is Singapore’s leading B2B distribution of interconnected equipment. Some of the items which they sell include Industrial Ethernet or Computer, Remote Automation, Video Surveillance, Accessories and other equipment applications. If you would like to know more about how you can improve your information streams and surveillance methods, you can check their site at today.

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