Steamboat delivered right to your doorstep: Le Steamboat is in for it


Singapore – Le Steamboat, an online steamboat food shop in Singapore, offers steamboat food delivery service for a fuss-free and fresh food experience at home. The company ensures that all the ingredients brought to you’re the customers and clients’ doorsteps are fresh and handpicked. For them, nothing beats eating fresh and healthy food right at the comfort of your very homes.

The company offers different meal packages for the steamboat delivery. One can choose from the three meal packages they offer which are: Seafood Lover, Classic Menu, and Meat lovers. Each has its own distinct taste and food penchant perfect for the varied foodies who’d like to try something new and fresh.

Seafood Lover package

The package has all the seafood on our menu including our premium Scallops. We add in some greens and meat to make it a more balanced meal.

Package includes: Garlic prawns, sliced dory fish, premium scallops, Tang-O, Enoki Mushroom, Seafood tofu, Shrimp Wanton, fishballs, pork collar and Tanghoon.

Classic Menu Package

For those who love abit of everything, this package is perfect for you. We have included all the popular items that steamboat lovers enjoy. A delicious and classic menu.

Package includes: Marinated Chicken Slices, Pork Belly, Garlic Prawns, Dory Fish, Chinese Cabbage, Tang-O, Enoki Mushrooms, Fishballs, Pork Balls,Fish Dumplings, Fried Beancurd Skin, Tofu.

Meal Lover Package

Meat lovers package is perfect for those who prefer a steamboat meal with more than the usual vegetables and seafood, so we throw in all the meat that we have and some light additions of the usual stuff.

Package includes: Marinated chicken slices, Pork Belly, Pork Collar, Beef Shabu Shabu, Garlic Prawns, Dory Fish, Shanghai Greens, Enoki Mushrooms, Fishballs, Pork balls, Tofu.

One can also pick the ingredients and make their own package as well for delivery. The company allows the customers to choose among the pool of ingredients they have in store including the beverage and soup they want to pair it with.

Le Steamboat offers a unique home experience with the steamboat delivery in Singapore. The steamboat buffet experience can now be enjoyed right at home where you can share it with your friends and family as long as you want. One can also have steamboat for their parties as Le Steamboat also offers catering. It is a refreshing way to try a different healthy and hearty dining experience.

About the company:

Le Steamboat offers fuss-free, fresh steamboat food delivery in Singapore. Your orders are handpicked and packed right before delivery to ensure their freshness. We grew from a 3-generation food supply business to online food delivery– largely to satisfy healthy eating at the comfort of homes. Knowing the hassle of preparing for steamboats, Le Steamboat provides everything you’d need. From drinks and food ready to be consumed, to essentials like chopsticks and serviettes. Oh, what’s more? You can even get your own dual steamboat pot free! To find out more, visit:

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