Stop Whining and Get Hold of Your Dream Today!


Car rental service Singapore - GALDo you spend your nights dreaming about someday owning a BMW 7 Series or a Volvo XC90? Well, you are not alone. We all want more out of our lives. But, it’s never easy to attain something great without spending more, especially if you’re residing in Singapore.

Ermm…but wait a second! What about car leasing? I’m sure that all of us have heard or read about car leasing in Singapore at some point of our lives. So, what it’s all about? How does car leasing works? Car leasing is an agreement between a car seller and a buyer that allows the buyer to take possession of a car for a stipulated period of time, in return for a deposit and a series of monthly payments. Also, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like the commitment of paying for servicing and maintaining a car and would rather want somebody else to do those excruciating tasks for you, then you should definitely consider car leasing!

Okay, now you know what car leasing is all about. What’s next? What else if it’s not the right place where you could get the best price for car leasing? With the mushrooming of car rental industry in Singapore, it’s highly imperative to choose a credible car dealer to avoid unnecessary catastrophes. One crucial point that you should bear in your mind when dealing with car dealers is to never be fooled by cheap rental cars in Singapore that are being offered by some illegitimate car dealers who often lease out cars without a proper insurance coverage. This may seem trivial to you but it has a tendency of causing you to be prosecuted and be fined if caught by the authorities. Therefore, be sure to pick a bona-fide leasing car that is accorded as a private hire vehicle by the Land Transport Authority (LTA). By doing so, you could ensure that the leased vehicle is appropriately insured for the purposes of the vehicle’s use.

And that leads us to GAL…

Global Advance Leasing (GAL) is an absolute pit stop that you should consider if you’re looking for the best car lease deals in Singapore. GAL is well known for its outstanding achievement in the car leasing market. It offers long-term lease to companies, corporations, expatriates and also to individuals. Interestingly, GAL gives the privilege for their customers with leasing agreements of 2 years and above to lease on brand new cars such as Honda Civic, Honda Accord 2.0 and etc. Amazing, right? Not only that, but GAL also promises their customers with minimal down payment, easy budgeting, zero expenses on vehicle maintenance, insurance and road tax and no obligation after the car lease expires. So, what are you waiting for? Head to GAL now and give yourself a chance to experience an infinite pleasure of driving your dream car today!

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