Study Reveals Effectiveness of Promotional Products | GD Gifts Launches New Line of Advertising Media


Realizing the increasing need to keep up with consumer demands, GD Gifts has revamped its line of promotional products offering businesses branding leverage.

There have been a number of literature and statistics to support the effectiveness of corporate gifts or promotional products. In a recent research from PPAI, around 90.4% of the respondents indicating owning a promotional product for the past two years. More importantly, around 83% of the respondents expressed their approval over receiving such items. Around 48% claimed that they will be willing to receive promotional products often, whereas 30% prefer getting personalized gifts (with personal information or name over it).

Despite the long existence of business or corporate gifts, this proves that businesses still stand to gain from giving away promotional items. Depending on the nature of the gifts, the perception of the market either improves, stays or degrades based on what they receive. This emphasizes the need for companies and brands to invest more and plan their gift giving campaigns properly.

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Based from the research, respondents showed strong awareness that business gifts are given under the impression that they will be constant reminders of the brand, product, service or company. However, there are also segments of the market not affected particularly by the act of gift giving. In this regard, businesses have to target them based on their specific demographics to affect change.

The perceived value of the items given away has an impact on the overall image of the company. This has driven Graphic Direction to improve its line of promotional products and business gifts to suit varying needs of clients. Depending on the nature of the business, companies will surely find the right set of items to offer their target markets. Graphic direction offer a variety of corporate gift categories including: daily use, drink ware, eco-friendly products, electronic & gadgets, key holders, leather products, metal pens, multi-function pens, namecard holder, plastic pens, promotional bags, stationery, travel gifts and USB computer accessories.

Graphic Direction understands the hectic demands of businesses and markets today, this is why production time is guaranteed in the shortest span possible. Drink ware products can be transported in as little as seven days even p to 1000 pieces. For larger quantities, Graphic Direction offers custom quotes and production. Actual prices may vary depending on the rates, time and requirements confirmed.

The company offers sample prints and items prior to mass production. This guarantees clients of the quality and product they can expect. Graphic Direction not only manufactures items but also design services to offer assistance to businesses with limited time and labor force.

The company provides a pool of in-house designers and marketers offering companies with the right set of skills to realize their goals.

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