Study Reveals Why Consumers Like to Shop Over the Internet More than the Price | Donya Vogue Now Offers Online Shopping Made-Easy


Shopping online has become a preferable way for consumers to get the things they need, Donya Vogue now caters more to these needs by offering a convenient shopping portal for women.

There has been a widespread impression that most consumers shop online often because of the low prices. A new study reveals that competitive prices do not alone drive or even predominantly bring consumers to online shops. Simon-Kucher & Partners surveyed 1,000 consumers asking about their primary considerations for internet shopping and majority did not cite affordable prices. In fact, customer loyalty often comes because of infrastructure that retailers offer.

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Investing on a good infrastructure that allows customers to navigate conveniently within an interface and choice of products can build brand loyalty and encourage repeat customers. Donya Vogue operates on this idea making sure to provide a friendly online shopping portal for women.

The website allows easy access to collections and fashion pieces depending on the consumer’s preference. This, however, does not undermine the importance of competitive prices. Donya Vogue offers consumers a shopping platform that is not only easy to navigate but also appealing to the consumer’s pocket. What else are customers in it?

Variety – The Company understands the importance of having a great but also diversified selection of clothes. Women can find a collection of dresses, jumpsuits and tops depending on their style.

Convenience and access – imagine purchasing clothes within an arm’s reach and just a few clicks. People can check out the page anytime and anywhere. The site is accessible to consumers 24/7. Donya Vogue offers a convenient shopping cart where customers can easily “collect” their purchases for single transaction. The company takes away the need to travel and spend money to access the physical store. Products come with complete details allowing people to decide on the spot whether it is the right choice for them.

Apart from the competitive prices, Donya Vogues makes sure that people feel welcome and at ease with their shopping experience. The site offers a $10-discount upon sign up. Getting the discount is as easy as providing the page with one’s email. Likewise, all transactions can be processed on the site. These include selection to purchase and delivery. Donya Vogue makes sure that it assists customers until they receive their items. They can check with the site and support on the status of their order and expected time of arrival. At Donya Vogue, customers can have a hassle-free, fast and smooth shopping experience. Collections are also updated regularly depending on the current season.

About Donya Vogue:

Donya Vogue is a singapore online shopping offering a variety of women’s wear including evening dress and other garments. The company is an online shopping portal founded by Janice and Ali offering products from Australia, Europe and the USA. For more information, visit their site at:

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