Have a Stylish and Comfortable Space with Furniture SG


If you want to have a go-to furniture retailer, try Furniture SG’s widest and affordable selections. They sell pieces of mattress in Singapore along with study tables, office chairs, metal beds, sofa sets and many more. Their categories have over hundreds of items for you to choose from. Aside from its widest array of units, there are a lot of quality-related reasons of why Furniture SG would make your great, online furniture provider. Here are some of them:

Furniture SG offers the lowest prices with its pieces

The retailer always aims to provide the lowest possible prices with its furniture. This means, you’ll definitely have increased chances of further stretching out your budget. You can even complete your space with almost half the price of a regular furniture set. This is made possible since Furniture SG does not need to offer their pieces in traditional stores, which require hefty rental costs. So if you’re searching for a good quality and affordable sofa in Singapore, you can look no further than Furniture SG’s selections.

Transparent pricing with no hidden cost

It’s usually a bummer to find initially undisclosed and extra charges in your furniture bill. However with Furniture SG, you won’t need to worry about hidden costs as the retailer promises to offer transparency when it comes to pricing. Upon finalizing your payment, you can only expect to shell out what you’ve initially agreed to and you won’t need to be surprised about any hidden costs. This way, you can still stick with your budget and even consider purchasing additional pieces to complete your space.

Furniture SG allows for free installation

The online retailer stays consistent with its lowest price offerings, and it further extends to their installation services. Upon the delivery of your chosen pieces, you may only opt for tips or even snacks for the delivery guys. Either way, you will not be obliged to pay for any installation charges since Furniture SG has them for free.

Delivers even after office hours

Furniture SG also understands how some homeowners would prefer to oversee their items delivered and installed in their spaces. If you’ve been constantly busy with work but would still want to see the details of your purchased items, then you can choose to have the pieces brought after office hours. This way, you can ask for the installers’ honest, realistic advice. For instance, if you bought a study table, you may seek for some feedback on how they can further be ergonomically installed in your space.

Allows for reasonable exchanges

You’ve expected a set of furniture to have the same specifications from the online store. However upon having them delivered in your space, you found how their actual dimensions are significantly different. With Furniture SG, you are still allowed for reasonable exchanges so you will be fully satisfied with your purchase.

About the company:

Furniture SG operates with the mission to carry only the most affordable pieces of home or office furniture possible. Choose from their Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room & Kitchen, Patio & Garden and Study Room categories. For more information, visit their website at http://www.furnituresg.com.sg/ today.

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