Are You Suffering From Severe Back Pain?


back-pain-treatmentJoint pain is one of those problems which several people are facing these days. May it be an adult or a youngster; people from all ages are going through this pain. This can happen if one lifts a heavy weight or when one is suffering from a degenerative problem like arthritis.

Lower back pain causes trouble in moving and the person cannot even lift any heavy objects or stand at a stretch for a longer period of time. In case of occur knee brace and joint pain also, one cannot stand for a longer period of time. Before you pay a visit to a commendable doctor in Singapore, it is recommended that one should try out the home remedies first.

Here are some general pain relief methods or back pain treatment procedures you can follow:

Ice bag

The ice basically reduces the inflammation. Applying ice instantly after the injury or during the pain can cause instant relief, and is considered to be an effective lower back pain treatment.

Keep on moving

Swimming or several aerobic exercises or any of the daily activities can reduce the knee joint pain as the muscle keeps on moving while performing these mobile activities.


Getting slummed gradually can increase the pain. One has to sit and walk straight and stretch occasionally to reduce the pain. This way the muscles and the joints get stretched too. Stretching the legs is also considered to be an effective method of lower back pain treatment.

Low heels

The heels which you wear should be less than even one inch. High heels produce several unstable postures which creates a pressure on the lower spine.

No obesity

One should avoid gaining excessive weight. Too much body weight creates more pressure on the spine. Hence, maintain a healthy diet and proper weight is recommended.

No smoking

Smoking may increase the risk of osteoporosis of the bone, the spine and it may also cause several other bone related problems.

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