SVNTY Offers One of a Kind Wood Phone Cases


SVNTY provides their customers with unique phone cases that are made of wood with a huge amount of designs to choose from.

SVNTY understands the importance of phone cases online especially since these items keep phones relatively safe and away from harm. As such, such items have become of huge demand. With that being said, SVNTY does not settle for less with regards to the phone cases that they offer to their customers. The company has taken the necessary measures in order to provide their clients one of a kind wood phone cases that are available on a regular day to day basis over their online digital store front.

SVNTY is filled to the brim with unique wooden phone covers that comes in different variety for their clients to choose from. This in turn makes it relatively easy to own wood cell phone case whenever they see fit. In addition, iphone wooden case can be bought from their stores at any given them when the need calls for their clients to do so.

SVNTY features authentic and real wood iphone case which is made from premium natural wood. The unique grain and custom engraving that is found with each and every one of their cases give an exquisite touch to the feel of your iPhone. In addition, their wooden iphone 4 case is attached to a sturdy matte plastic backing that fits snugly onto your iPhone with its handmade backing that uses solid piece of carved wood. Clients should have little to no worries about their rosewood phone case as it has ample amounts of opening fittings for all buttons. The same can also be said with regards to the camera as the case allows access to all these functions while at the same time protects the sides and back of the iPhone.

Customers will not be finding any shortage of phone accessories online over at SVNTY any time soon and the store even features galaxy s4 phone cover for their clients to purchase. Aside from that, there are also 4 different choices of wood customers can choose from which in turn gives them quite a number of options with regards to their phone cases of their liking. As a result, just about anyone is able to find a particular wood phone case that is able to cater to their respective preference, tastes as well as their needs.

About SVNTY:

SVNTY offers a wide range of the coolest and most unique wooden phone cases for those who are looking for stylish phone accessories which express individuality. We have cell phone wood cases for brands like iPhone and Samsung. Each product comes with a stunning art design made by visual artist and SVNTY’s owner, Marcus Lim. The intricate designs are engraved on different varieties of wood. Black walnut, maple, cherry woods, and more – take your pick among the great selection. To find out more, you can head over to their website at

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