Sweet experience: HoneySpree offers health food fresh fruits bouquet


HoneySpree, one of the fastest-rising online retailers and distributors of natural honey and health foods in Singapore, offers a unique and sweet food experience with their fresh fruits bouquet made in an appetizing arrangements. The health food is perfect for personal food experience. Furthermore, it is also a good gift idea for those who are health conscious but are similarly drawn to the sweet treats of fruits.

“Shop Hamper and Gift Fresh Fruit Bouquets at HoneySpree Singapore. The one online shop in Singapore with the best prices for organic health food and premium honey. Pamper your loved ones with beautifully decorated fresh fruit and flowers bouquet.”

The prices of the fruits bouquets ranges from 49 SGD – 400 SGD. Every bouquet are arranged in a visually appealing health food with different flavors and themes whether for your family or for a special someone. The fruit bouquet is also a fresh gesture in expressing one’s affection towards another that can be enjoyed and shared as well.

The pool of choices are displayed in the website of the company which customers can shop or order online. There’s no more need to visit a retail store in order to get the preferred fruit bouquet clients would like to have. HoneySpree also displayed brief description of their fruit bouquets. Here are some of it:

Adorable Family Bond Bouquet

If you are tired looking for a bouquet that is not only appealing but delectable then nothing would suit you better than this beautiful bouquet. With strawberry punnets decorated as with faces of cute people, you can surely find someone who relates to each of the face. So what are you waiting for? Gift this bouquet to a special bunch of friends or a family you love the most.

An Affair To Remember – Strawberry And Rose

Dewy pink roses teamed up with coated strawberries together make a delightful fruit bouquet. While maintaining the tradition of gifting flowers, this bouquet further adds strawberries as a sweet twist. Along with the coating, some strawberry punnets have a covering of sugar beads that makes the ensemble look all the more pretty!  Other than the mouth-watering taste, this bouquet makes a sumptuous table centre for all times, especially for formal events. So add a spark to your special occasions by ordering this beautiful bouquet!

Blissful Pink Bunch With Chocó Dipped Berries

Let your sweet tooth do the talking with this scrumptious chocolate dipped strawberry bunch.  Half natural and half chocolate dipped strawberries are a delight for everyone’s taste buds. The delectable chocolate and fresh ripe strawberries blend to create a tongue-tingling effect. This classic chocolate covered strawberry bunch is a wonderful gift for all your loved ones. So what are you waiting for? Order this bouquet for your loved ones and make them feel all the more special.


HoneySpree also offers the popular Manuka Honey and other health food products aside from the fruit bouquet.


About HoneySpree:

HoneySpree is one of the fastest-rising online retailers and distributors of natural honey and health foods geared towards making the average family healthier and happier. The company is probably more renowned today for its flagship product, the Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey, for its premium taste as well as for the health values customers derive out of making this a regular fare in their homes’ dining tables. The company’s vision is to see a community of people free from disease, living as healthy and as happy as the Good Lord must have intended our lives to be. To find out more, visit: http://honeyspree.com/

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