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These days it’s not hard to find for swimming lessons in Singapore. With many such lessons easily made available to Singaporeans, the question of quality determines the choice of which company the individual would pick. Although there are many common factors to consider such as time and location, it’s best to look for a place which emphasises on more holistic approaches in order to get the most out of those swimming lessons.


Commitment, passion, and responsibility are the core values of Swimmax. The company seeks to provide wholesome swimming lessons to people of all ages. Besides having coaches give swimming lessons, Swimmax serves schools, parents, and children with the best aquatic education possible. Swimmax not only promotes water safety awareness, but often have their coaches to meet and share on children development and motivation techniques in relation to swimming.


What Swimmax focuses on is catering to each and every individual’s needs. They see each student as different and having unique interests, level of skill, and speed of development. With that, Swimmax coaches swimming according to the learner’s level and also based on what the individual wants to achieve. For new swimmers, the company helps them to gain confidence in the water, whereas for the more experienced swimmers who enrol, Swimmax helps to develop their techniques and skills even further. Overall, Swimmax creates a safe a friendly environment for people of all ages to have fun and get fit while swimming.


Swimmax welcomes individuals all ages and has specially designed programmes for different age groups. The “Parent and Tot” programme is good for exposing toddlers from 12 months to 3 years old to learn more about confidence and safety and to have early development of water skills. For older children, Swimmax has designed the “Junior” programme to enable young children to also enjoy other water recreational activities once they have acquired some basic swimming skills. The company even has a programme for adults with the aim of helping adults, through swimming, to maintain heart rate, have good blood circulation, and keep a healthy weight.


Swimmax also offers its own uniquely customised swimming programme. So for those who prefer private swimming sessions with just a few friends, co-workers and even family members, this would be a good package to go for. Swimmax can then easily suit those who choose the customised programme in terms of their schedules and objectives for learning to swim.


Besides just having basic swimming lessons, Swimmax highly encourages young children to participate in other programmes. SwimSafer is a programme designed for children of all ages to further develop water safety and swimming skills at their own pace. The programme consists of six progressive stages in which the child would obtain awards for each stage after going through them. On the other hand, the Singapore Swimming Proficiency Awards (SSPA) continues providing the progression for swimming after the individual has completed the SwimSafer programme. In the SSPA, awards are given based on a swimmer’s ability in demonstrating various swimming strokes.

Indeed, Swimmax focuses not only towards the individuals development of swimming skills and techniques, but strives to instil confidence and safety values when in the water.


About Swimmax:

Our swimming lessons are conducted by professional swimming coaches certified by Singapore Sport Council (SSC) and Singapore Swimming Teachers’ Association (SSTA). All our coaches are fully trained in CPR and Life-Saving skills to ensure your confidence towards the safety of your children in sending them (or yourself) for our swimming lessons. For more information, visit http://swimmax.sg/.

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