Swimmax creates dedicated FAQs page to answer most of their clients’ inquiries


Swimmax hopes to answer most of the questions clients want to ask them in a timely and effective manner over their FAQs section.

Swimmax in an effort to keep swimming lessons in Singapore simple and accessible to a huge number of individuals has taken the initiative to list popular as well as potential questions their clients may want to raise. This includes the idea age for a child to start swimming lessons in Singapore, the duration of swimming classes in Singapore and much more. This, in turn, helps clear things up for parents when they want to enroll their child in swimming classes for kids. Furthermore, it helps save their clients time and resources by a fair amount as most of their questions are answered right from the get go.

Swimmax wishes to practice transparency with the swimming lessons that they offer to their clients and as such, they take the necessary efforts in making sure that most if not all of their clients’ questions are answered on their website. This also tackles issues with kids wishing to learn to swim in Singapore but at the same time is afraid of it. It also discusses common issues such as water phobia and how to overcome them as well as what students can do if they missed a session. All of these questions are answered in a brief and concise manner and cuts the need for unnecessary paragraphs and long statements. As a result, parents are able to get the answer that they need when they need it the most. This is the reason why many parents often describe Swimmax as one of the best learn to swim school in Singapore in the present.

Swimmax dedication in answering their clients’ inquiries and questions can be seen with the extra effort they took with their FAQs section. If any event clients won’t be able to find the answer to the questions that they are looking for, they can get in touch directly with the people at Swimmax by calling them over their telephone number, sending them an email or even heading over for a visit to their physical location or address. Swimmax has also created and integrated its very own social media profile over Facebook for their fans and students alike to follow and keep themselves up to date with the latest news and programs.

About Swimmax:

SWIMMAX’s aquatic program is developed and managed by Marc Liew, who is certified by Singapore Sports Council (SSC), registered with the National Registry of Coaches (NROC) and an accomplished swimming coach since 1988. He has vast experiences in coaching childcare, schools, and individuals. It is the passion of helping individual learning how to swim and leading to enjoy the aquatic sports that have brought him a lifetime rewarding experience and into this lifelong profession. His expertise has benefited many people of all ages. To find out more, visit http://swimmax.sg/.

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