Swimmax Offers a Wide Range of Swimming Class Schedules Students Can Choose From


Swimmax welcomes people of all ages to come and engage with swimming activity offering appropriate classes based on their client’s swimming level and experience.

Summer is fast approaching and Swimmax understands the need to go bask in the sun enjoying swimming activities all throughout the summer. As such, they make sure to prepare their students in advance for them to be able to make the most of their time either in the beach or in the pool. Swimmax offers swimming lessons in Singapore on a regular basis making it relatively easy for students to find a particular schedule that fits right up to their alley.

Swimming lessons Singapore is considered to be a very much sought after service especially since the country is home to a number of swimming attractions. Swimmax was able to answer the need and call for swimming classes Singapore by offering them to both kids and adults alike.

The swimming classes for kids found at Swimmax are open to children regardless if they have no prior swimming lesson whatsoever. Here water adaptation and elementary aquatic skills will be taught. Not only that, Swimmax also offers advance classes for experienced swimmers provided in different categories. Smart junior are those who can swim for at least 10 metres in any stroke or achieved SwimSafer stage 1. Smart high are for those who achieved SwimSafer stages 2 or 3. Smart advance is provided to those who have achieved SwimSafer stage 4 or 5 and Smart Elite are for the ones who achieved SwimSafer stage 6 or are able to swim 400 meters in any 3 of the 4 recognised strokes. Last but definitely not the least are their Adult classes which is perfect for those looking for a fun way to get fit, new to swimming or want to improve their proficiency.

The variety of classes provided at Swimmax shows that just about anyone is welcome to learn to swim Singapore in their institution. In addition, many consider them to be one of the best learn to swim school offering flexible schedules students are able to enroll in at any given time. If no class is able to suit one’s needs, Swimmax has taken the necessary measure by giving their clients the option to customize their preferred schedule for their convenience and this can all be done by getting in touch with them over their website.

About Swimmax:

SWIMMAX’s aquatic programme is developed and managed by Marc Liew, who is certified by Singapore Sports Council (SSC), registered with National Registry of Coaches (NROC) and an accomplished swimming coach since 1988. He has vast experiences in coaching childcares, schools and individuals. It is the passion of helping individual learning how to swim and leading to enjoy the aquatic sports that have brought him a lifetime rewarding experiences and into this lifelong profession. His expertise has benefited thousands of children and adults of all ages. To find out more, visit http://swimmax.sg/.

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