Swimmax Offers Swimming Lessons for this Summer


Summer for the kids can now no longer be as boring.  Swimmax is offering swimming lessons for this summer. The lessons shall cater to kids as young as 5 years old. In fact, even toddlers can also have their own time in the pool and be taught with the basic swimming techniques.  Parents from all over Singapore are delighted with this news.  After all, instead of letting their kids waste summer doing nothing.  If they want their kids to learn something that will surely be useful to them, then it has to be swimming.  In fact, it guarantees survival while in water.

Swimmax points out that there are three main principles in their effort on teaching kids how to swim. These are water safety, progressive learning and fun.  The instructors at Swimmax make sure that as they teach kids, each of the three principles serve as guiding theories.  They teach kids how to swim by ensuring that they also enjoy the learning process.  After all, it is when they enjoy the process that they would develop passion not just for water but for swimming itself.  Once the kids develop such passion, they would naturally be more eager to learn the advance techniques.

Water safety is a key principle in the Swimmax swimming course.  If they put a priority over anything else, it is definitely the safety of the students or the trainees. In fact, it is the very first thing that is taught to the kids. Even before the kids are taught their first swimming stroke, they are first trained on the basics of water safety. It is through this that they would gain enough confidence in learning the strokes; knowing that they already are aware of the accidents in the water that should be avoided.

Progressive learning means that the kids are not taught in a haphazard manner.  They would learn the basics first and it is how they perform during the process that they may be taught the more advanced swimming techniques.  This is a better method compared to just teaching them any kind of stroke regardless of its difficulty.  Despite the advance, Swimmax instructors still make sure that the kids or the students also have fun while learning.  After all, swimming is basically fun especially for their age group.  With all these principles guiding the training process, the kids will surely enjoy the learning and end up becoming good swimmers in the end.

About Swimmax

Swimmax is a swimming school or institution that is based in Singapore. It is known for providing quality training in swimming with its very competent instructors.  The instructors at Swimmax are certified by the Singapore Sports Council and are members of the Singapore Swimming Teachers’ Association. Aside from being expert swimmers themselves, they are also trained to perform CPR and water rescue, guaranteeing the safety of the students. The core values of Swimmax are commitment, passion, and responsibility. It through these core values that the instructors have been able to provide quality swimming instructions to the students. Visit www.swimmax.sg for more details!

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