TACK offers clothes and fashion accessories for the ladies in Singapore


TACK is an online fashion shop that is based in Singapore. They are known for offering top quality clothing and fashion accessories for ladies from all walks of life.

This online fashion store is owned by the company WOOHOOLIFE, a Singapore-based company. TACK is the ideal shop for women who want to feel more confident about their selves and reveal more of their personality. TACK believes that fashion is one way to express oneself. They believe that you can hint who you are, and how you live, through the type of clothes that you wear. That is why they only offer clothes which show both simplicity and quality – two great qualities which they believe a woman worth pursuing should have.

And no matter what type of personality you have, TACK sure has something for everyone. Whether you seek a professional look or a romantic style, they sure have the right items just fro you.

TACK has a wide range of fashion items for women. They offer a wide variety of dresses online for the ladies of Singapore. They have dresses for women who seek to boost their corporate closet. They have corporate dresses, shift dresses, and bodycon dresses for you to look sophisticated and high-fashion at the office. Looking for a girly outfit you can use when you go out shopping with your friends? TACK also has something for you. The have summer dresses, knit dresses and print dresses. TACK has dresses of all styles: floral, watercolor print, and so on. They also offer tops and bottoms, which ladies can easily mix and match according to their desires. They even have one-piece suit, which are a must have fashion nowadays.

The online fashion store also offers accessories which are sophisticated and fabulous for sure. They have ear studs, bangles, and beautiful necklaces which you can use anytime, whether you want to go on a dinner date or party at night. Bags and jewelry, TACK has something for every woman in Singapore.

TACK is a fashion store that believes that fashion is self-expression, and they want all of the ladies to be able to do just that. They are also an online store that brings simplicity, as well as quality, through the items which they provide. They believe that these two qualities are the things that make a woman worth pursuing. It is for this reason that they offer only top quality items which are simple yet sophisticated and flattering. TACK is an online fashion store that every lady in Singapore should check out.

About TACK
TACK is an online fashion shop that is owned by WOOHOOLIFE, a company that is based in Singapore. They offer a wide range of ladies’ clothing and fashion accessories. You can now buy dresses, necklaces, earrings and other fashion items online through this online store. Simplicity and quality is what this online store offers to all of the women.

To know more about TACK, you may visit their website: http://www.tack.com.sg/

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