SATA CommHealth or the Singapore Anti-Tuberculosis Association, an award winning social enterprise cum voluntary welfare organization which continues to serve the public with a comprehensive range of health screening and general practitioner services announces its services for health screening and vaccinations. SATA CommHealth conducts Community Health Screenings as it believes in preventive healthcare.

Health screening is vital to detect diseases that do not produce early warning signs. These silent killers include diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. There are different types of specialised tests and screening packages that are being offered in order to detect possible diseases. These include fasting blood glucose, lipid profile, blood pressure measurement, Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement. Those who have abnormal readings will be advised to seek further consultation or treatment from their doctors, at SATA CommHealth or polyclinics. These activities are organized in partnership with grassroots, religious and other voluntary organisations that serves the community. Many chronic illnesses do not appear overnight but as a result of neglect of the general well-being of one’s health.

One such common cause of death in Singapore is heart attack. Contrary to popular belief, heart attacks do not happen only to older, overweight men with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. If patients have ever experienced symptoms of the silent heart attack conditions like fainting spells, chest discomfort, sensation of fast or irregular heartbeats while exercising; these are some indications that there may be an underlying cardiac disorder.

SATA CommHealth offers five packages for its services of Health Screening. Its Basic Package with a rate of 247.17 SGD, Standard Package with the rate 364.87 SGD, Premier Package with the rate of 482.57 SGD and its Elite Packages for only 639.86 SGD for Male and 768.26 SGD for female.

SATA CommHealth also provides services for vaccinations. Aside from Influenza or flu vaccinations, typhoid vaccinations, various other vaccinations such as anti-tetanus, Chickenpox, Hepatitis A & B, Human papillomavirus (HPV), Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR), Pneumococcal, Shingles, Yellow Fever vaccines are also offered.

A flu vaccination can be an effective method for preventing influenza virus infection from the more common southern and northern strains and its potentially severe complications. On the other hand, a typhoid vaccination is recommended for food handlers as it prevents the transmission of the bacteria that causes typhoid.

SATA CommHealth or the Singapore Anti-Tuberculosis Association is an award winning social enterprise cum voluntary welfare organization which continues to serve the public with a comprehensive range of health screening and general practitioner services.

SATA CommHealth is guided by its core values. They are anchored to providing services with compassion, dedicated to show care and concern for the health of the community, especially for the sick and needy. The medical team and staff likewise show respect and treat everyone with dignity, fairness and professionalism. They are as well in pursuit of excellence, for the highest standard of clinical and service quality. The social enterprise acts with accountability, integrity and responsibility in delivering their commitments. Moreover, they foster camaraderie and solidarity amongst their staff and also their partners. And most importantly, they work on with empowerment enabling their patients to take ownership of their health and well-being. For more information,visit: www.sata.com.sg.

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