The tasting wellness: EcoGreenFarms pursues wellness offering healthy and flavoursome teas with freebies!


Organic teas online SingaporeTea lovers can now get healthier with EcoGreenFarms’ ‘Natural Herbal Tea, Ginger for Vitality’. Customers will also get to enjoy Free 200 grams of Organic Red rice. It is one way of the company to show how it encourages everyone to start healthy living an
d enjoy a finer lifestyle with a healthy body.

EcoGreenFarms conveyed how the ingredients of the herbal tea creates a soothing effect to the body as well as the benefits of drinking such brew saying, “composed exclusively of Kampot pepper inflorescences and ginger, EcoGreenFarms Vitality herbal tea is an ideal brew for re-energizing. Ginger has some natural stimulating and invigorating qualities and according to the tradition, even aphrodisiac effects.”

Wellness and flavourful afternoon are one of the things that a customer can expect in purchasing the product of the company. What is more, the ingredients in making the gentle drink are sourced from the farmers who have observed careful and chemical free processes. Thus, customers and clients can enjoy their hot drink in peace with their body and mind knowing that no chemical could harm their body.

The herbal tea is easy to prepare. 2 grams of tea is needed in a glass of hot water. This is particularly given by the company to guide the tea lovers in achieving the right flavour and getting the best flavour per serving. With such, they can enjoy a good blend of tea easy peasy.

Moreover, free 200 grams premium organic jasmine fragrance red rice is also given away as a free product to the customers and clients. The freebie is indeed not only a bonus but a treat to their online shoppers who are in their quest towards healthy living starting with herbal teas to trying organic products. The jasmine fragrance red rice has been awarded 3 years in a row as the ‘world’s best rice’ in the rice trader world conference.

In addition, jasmine red rice is certified by BCS and no pesticides or chemicals are used in the production of the product. The company assures that the production of the red rice had adhered to international standard. Similar to brown rice, jasmine red rice is also high in dietary fiber and calcium.

Tea lovers are set to another health adventure with the EcoGreenFarms’ products. They are also encouraged to check out other health staples as selected organic and health foodstuff are on sale. Afternoon tea time will be more fun and healthier with the herbal teas and healthy items found on the online shop of the company.

About the company:

With a social mission of bringing organic and natural food products, EcoGreenFarms provides good wholesome and quality clean foods to the community. When you choose to shop online with them, you are guaranteed to receive the freshest products delivered right to your door. To find out more, visit:

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