Teck Chang as thechief and long running Air Con Professionals in Air conditioner services in Singapore


Teck Chang, a refrigerator and Air con servicing company in Singapore, is the chief and long running Air conditioner professionals in Singapore. For over 20 years, the company has extended its expertise in providing services to keep up with the standards of the modern living and ever changing needs of its customers. The company has bended and become flexible to the changes so as to maintain excellent services for residential and commercial air-conditioning systems that suits to the needs of every customers.

Teck Chang services are categorized into general cleaning,air con chemical cleaning and Annual Maintenance contract.

In general cleaning, air con services in Singapore are sorted into two natures: Indoor unit scope & outdoor unit scope. Teck Chang Aircon specializes in aircon service in Singaporefor Residential, Commercial & Industrial sectors. The skilled technicians, in the course, will carefully and meticulously check on every parts of the air con units and perform the necessary techniques to repair or restore its working condition.

For Aircon Chemical cleaning, it is advisable to do a chemical overhaul for air con units that have been in use for quite a number of years without maintenance. Chemical cleaning give proper treatments for air con that produces noises and is blowing air that isn’t cold and has strange odor. This is a more intricate technique as technicians advise customers of having chemical cleaning when general cleaning isn’t working anymore. Air con professionals do this kind of cleaning with the following process: dismantle of Fan Coil Unit, chemical flushing of Fan Coil Unit and all parts, Chemical flushing of drainage system, Recharging in of Refrigerant R22 gas, Test of system (after routine checks).

Lastly, there is the annual maintenance contract or the air con maintenance service in Singapore.Air Conditioning Maintenance Contract service is the best way to keep air conditioner in top working condition. It will improve your air-conditioning cooling performance, increase the life span of the equipment and lower the operating costs. This is a more stable way to maintain the efficiency and secure that the unit is its best condition. In this service, air filter front panel cover is checked and cleaned along with other parts such as bio-pure/deodorizing filter, brush blower wheel, evaporator coil, outdoor condenser coil, and refrigerant system. Moreover, the settings are regularly checked as well to make sure that everything is on the proper mode. Drainage systems are also cleaned through vacuum.

The best air con service in Singapore doesn’t have to be intricately done. The methods and adept people in doing the job is the chief key to have a well maintained and properly kept air condition units that can last even longer than its standard life cycle.

About Teck Chang:
Teck Chang is a refrigerator and Air con servicing company in Singapore performing its expertise for more than 20 years. The company’s air con service include normal air con service, chemical overhaul, condenser normal service and chemical service; and specialist on all types of air con installation, repair and maintenance. Teck Chang also offer quotations and contracts regarding air-conditioner service in Singapore. Moreover, refrigerator and freezer repair and maintenance services are offered as well by Teck Chang taking its expertise on the two vital appliances at home and in other sectors in the country. To find out more, visit: http://www.teckchang.com/

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