Teck Chang offers specialization in Refrigerator and Air con servicing in Singapore


In providing excellence and professional air con services to its customers, Teck Chang have grown to be a professional expert in specializing in Refrigerator and Air con servicing in Singapore. The company provide varied and essential services for air con and refrigerator by supplying, installing and servicing of the appliances’ systems to the residential, commercial and industrial markets in Singapore.

Committed to provide the best price, prompt and reliable services and maintain high standard of integrity at all times, Teck Chang aims to give good refrigerator and air con services at the most realistic and practical rates where professional technicians use their expertise towards different concerns on air con and refrigerator flops.

Included in their Refrigerator services are repairing of compressors, starters, refilling of gas, gas leakage, thermostat and automatic defrosting parts. Furthermore, its services are extended to providing assistance in PCB motherboards, changing copper filters, clearing chokes and blockages or damper temperature control.

Teck Chang Aircon lays importance in maintaining clean fresh air for the healthy living. It is why they promote a regular maintenance for air conditioners so as the welfare of its customers are perceived and observed as well even without actually exerting a daily effort within themselves.

The company has qualified and expert technicians to checking wiring connections, check & clean air filter, check bio-pure & deodorizing filter, check & clean indoor cooling coils, check & clean blower wheel and vacuum drainage system. Furthermore, the company’s technicians also handle outdoor units through checking& cleaning condensing coil (with blower only), they check compressor suction & discharge pressure, check & lubricate motor bearing (if necessary) and Check safety of condenser steel bar

With the ac services mentioned above, its customers are able to prevent leak problems, system breakdown at the same time have cleaner & healthier air and improve efficiency as well.

Teck Chang Aircon, specializes in aircon service for Residential, Commercial & Industrial sectors. One doesn’t have to worry about the rarity of their appliances’ brand since Teck Changspecializes in all kinds of brand of air-conditioning system. Carrier, Mitsubishi Electric, McQuay, Sanyo, LG, Daikin are just a few of the brand they carry.Its expertise can be availed for the entire year as the company is open from Monday to Saturday at 9am to 6pm and 10am to 6pm in Sundays and Public Holidays.

About Teck Chang:
Teck Chang is a refrigerator and Air con servicing company in Singapore performing its expertise for more than 20 years. The company’s air con service include normal air con service, chemical overhaul, condenser normal service and chemical service; and specialist on all types of air con installation, repair and maintenance. Teck Chang also offer quotations and contracts regarding air-conditioner service in Singapore. Moreover, refrigerator and freezer repair and maintenance services are offered as well by Teck Chang taking its expertise on the two vital appliances at home and in other sectors in the country. To find out more, visit: http://www.teckchang.com/

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