South East Property is a property advisory company that is very passionate about property and finance. The company is the one of the best investment company in Australia.

The office is based in Singapore with branches in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Manila with partner networks worldwide. The company is very confident of their abilities and capabilities on giving independent, fair property advice so buyers that can make their property investment portfolios and increase their means.

The company is qualified to fully educate and equip buyers with the knowledge in sourcing only the best properties and getting the best deals, Property Market trends, Finance and investment feasibility analysis, Investment support and pre-loan qualification and application, Property briefing, selection and purchase, Accounting, tax and legal advice, Rental and property management post-sale, Facilitating property inspections and Events and updates on the latest property trends and conditions. They have about 50 quality residential projects and plenty of contacts of upcoming stock about to hit the market in Australia.

In Australia, the company offers property and real estate for sale, rental management, property investing and investment and buying property. They offered different services in different places like Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

In Brisbane, they have two sites: Illumina Toowong and Spire where they offer property investments, apartments and real estates for sale. In Melbourne, there are two sites: The Fawkner and Swantson where they offer property investments, houses and apartments like 2 bedroom apartments for sale, and buying property. In Sydney, they also offer investment and buying of properties.

They are incorporated with property and finance unit which provides an end to end service to Australian property buyers in Asia. With their international footprint and entirely incorporated service, their property specialists are known experts who know the market trends and the complexities related with non-resident purchases of properties in Australia. Through the years of experience working in the sale, finance and ongoing management of Australian property, they are able to manage the payment process for clients from beginning to end.

Their experienced team has the knowledge, experience, skills and contacts to attain the best result for their clients. Their associates are always available to support the client’s investment by selecting the right location, type of property (Condo / Landed), legal assistance, finance options, rental management and other services.

You can call the company at +65 6276 5001 or email at

About the company:
South East Property are professional property and finance advisers who can assist you in securing the best property, loan and tenant for your property. Renowned for applying the highest standards of quality and integrity in all the service, the company has the standing for serving the clients, earning trust and providing ongoing support. They are experts when it comes to the Australian Property Market and be able to offer outstanding investment options for your clients in all the major cities of Australia. For more information, visit the website at

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