The Cost of A Wedding: The Budget Of A Dream


Singapore, April 2015 – The latest trend of wedding in Singaporeans are of Western-styled, with the bride wearing lacy, white and designer-looking dresses with long trains and the groom wearing a tuxedo. The reception would most probably involve a dance and tiered cake-cutting with visions of sparkles and glimmers.

It costs a lot. A common list for wedding receptions would include the cake, the attires, the food and beverages, the venue and solemnization. All of this will cost the bride and groom-to-be money. Brides-to-be are known for their love and detailed search of wedding gown. Searching for wedding gowns in Singapore will most probably make them end up in a posh boutique or a high-end side of the shops. Then again, if it costs too much to buy, the couple may choose to rent their attire. This may save costs. Plus, more bridal shops nowadays are offering the service of wedding gown rentals, including in Singapore. After the search for the gown ends, the search for accessories will begin. One of the most important a bride-to-be will search for is shoes. Bridal shoes in Singapore are not exactly more expensive than normal, branded shoes but if one wishes to look in style for one’s wedding and still be comfortable in it, some sacrifices may need to be done. One option may be to look for shoes that one will be able to wear more often, not just for the wedding reception.

A total cost of a wedding in Singapore will most likely fall in between S$ 30,000 to S$80,000 depending on how simple or extravagant the couple wish their wedding to be. It is not surprising to see couples sign up for a loan to wed one another. It is however, highly unadvisable to do so as this is one of the contributing factors for young Singaporeans to be declared bankrupt.

Another expensive item on the list is the banquet for the reception. Although in the reception, one may receive hongbao from guests, the number and content varies and may not be as much as one would expect. Thus it is better to be on the safe side and be careful on how much one will spend for the wedding. Despite that, being on a tight budget will not mean that one will not be able to have a blast on one’s own wedding day. If one is wise enough to choose and spare changes, the wedding will still be enjoyable – for both the newlyweds and the guests.

Planning ahead is important when preparing for marriage. All of it may seem hard and harsh to be swallowed at the moment but take things slowly and you will be satisfied and pleased with a blissful life that is debt-free. After all, financial problems will only lead to divorce and of course, this is not the reason one plan to do when getting married in the first place.

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