The Essential Guide to Cutting Your Own Hair at Home


Visiting your favorite salon to get a new haircut might be one of your favorite things to do. However, if you’re concerned about your safety in these uncertain times or you just want to save a few bucks, cutting your own hair at home might be ideal. The thing is, it’s not even hard to learn. With tons of tutorials you can find online, you can learn to cut your hair pretty easily.

For one, there are tons of videos out there that can teach you how to layer your hair, do a buzz cut, get some bangs, or achieve a pixie cut. However, there are certainly more important things you should take into account when cutting your hair at home.

Ask yourself if you need it

You could probably agree that there’s a reason why you visit and pay for salon services to get a haircut. For one, they have the skills and tools necessary to change your hair’s appearance in the best way possible. You also need to remember that those DIY or at-home haircuts can either enhance or ruin your look. So before you get excited about cutting your hair, professional stylists recommend waiting for a bit longer. If your hair is still not showing split ends, brittleness, or other signs of damage, it might be best to give it a month or two.

Have the right tools in hand

Now, if you are truly decided on cutting your hair, you need to get the right tools for it. Fortunately, you can find these tools in your local beauty store. There is no need to visit a specialist shop. The primary tool you need is the best hair scissors that you can find. They should be sharp enough to get clean and quick cuts without split ends. To keep your hair damp, you’ll need a water spray, bobbles, and sturdy hair clasps when trimming. You’d also need a handheld mirror to guide you when cutting and a fine-tooth comb to flat out disobedient hair. You might also consider buying texturizing shears or layering scissors if you want to create some weight on your hair.

Determine your hair type

The third thing on the list is knowing your hair type. Doing so is necessary for selecting the right brush, heating tool, or hair products that you need to use for your haircut daily. The two major types of hair are: thick and fine. If your hair feels like it weighs a ton, and you notice an infinite amount of strands, you obviously have thick hair.

Other common characteristics of thick hair are taming frizz and a coarser feeling. It can’t hold styles for longer when using bobby pins. But if your hair looks skinny and there are fewer strands, your hair is fine. People with this hair type have difficulty maintaining volume and can barely, but can benefit from lightweight locks.

Follow your hair’s flow

One important reminded when cutting your own hair at home is to go with its flow. Obviously, you’ll need to do different techniques for different types of hair. If your hair is afro-textured, it’s recommended not to use any products and just brush it out and keep it dry. Don’t try to stretch out the tips of the hair when trimming. For a very curly type, opt for techniques that suit dry natural hair. Avoid taming your afro-textured or curly hair as it won’t like to end up looking great. Let it hang naturally while you’re trimming.

Ask for help

There are numerous easy haircuts you can try with just your own, but if you’re looking to do a bit more complex yet stunning cut, stylists recommend seeking help from others. It can be your partner or your roommate. Getting will not only make the task easier but also ensure you won’t be ruining your hair.

Achieve a cleaner cut by having a family member or friend over to help you out. In case you’re still uncertain about what hairstyle to go for, don’t hesitate to ask for their opinions about what will possibly look best on you.

It doesn’t need to feel like an accident waiting to happen. You can actually cut your own hair the way your favorite hairstylist does. Take note of the tips in this guide to ensure you won’t ruin your hair’s health and natural flow. So before you consider visiting a salon, why not try to cut your own hair and save some money?

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