The hydrating corporate gifts: Klassic offers drink wares for customized corporate gifts


Klassic, a 16-year retail gifts and corporate gift supplier in Singapore, showcases drink wares for different companies. Functionality together with style is what makes drink wares effective as corporate gifts. It assures that the invested money of the companies will not end up in trashes or stuck in someone’s room. Drink wares are particularly great choices since it does not only serve as a PR tools to the audience and clients but can effectively operate as an advertising agent that can reach as far as the user goes.

Under the category of drink ware falls the mugs, cup, and tumbler and variations of water bottles. For a gist on drink ware deals of Klassic, here are some of the corporate gifts available.

Mug, Cup & Tumbler

  • Snap Cup:

Design or create your very own Snap Cup with unique and favourite colour combinations for the plug/lid/body. Snap Cup is designed to fit hand shape, convenient with single hand operation, BPA free, microwave and dishwasher safe.

  • Cube Mug & Cube Mug Mini:

The player Cube Mug is like a time machine that transport you back to a day and age when you used to play with colorful stacking blocks and design elaborate buildings for little yellow, geometric men. But since you still have works to do in the present, this handy block also serves as a lidded storage compartment for the included tea or coffee mug. Bright and imaginative, the design is solid in variety of colors that can be stacked together to form an elaborate mug tower. Stackable square design allows to utilize your cabinet space and keep your mugs neat.

  • Coffee Cup Lamp:

I’m not a Cup – I’m a Lamp. Appealingly simple, this coffee cup lamp create a way of lifestyle for you. With stylish design and wordings, coffee cup lamp brighten your life with its LED lighting. Now, let start your own simple lifestyle with our coffee cup lamp! The lamp can be powered with AAA battery.

Water Bottle

  • Tritan Bottle: Unique double-lock design.100% BPA free & withstand 10’C to 109’C.
  • Sports Bottle: Tritan material, 100% BPA free. Available in 3 colours.
  • Water Bottle with Juice Extractor:

Description – PP Squeeze Juice Extractor Bottle. Citrus or lemon squeeze extractor. BPA free. Finger hole provided for easy carrying. Easy to add ice via the bottom opening. Easy to clean, removable press.

The company logo and other customized designs are usually imprinted with silkscreen. The company also offers free membership so discounts and other deals may be exclusively availed.

About Klassic:

Klassic is established in Singapore since 2000. The company is building distribution network to be the leading retail gifts and corporate gifts supplier in Singapore and international markets, catering vogue quality gifts to retail and corporate sector. As a direct manufacturer for corporate gifts and retail gifts, we offer competitive price without comprising quality and value of the gifts. Our manufacturing offices are located in both Singapore & China where it participates in gifts and premium trade fairs throughout the year in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Frankfurt. To find our more, visit:

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