The Importance of Air-Conditioning in Current Workplaces


Air conditioning in workplaces is extremely important for more reasons than you may think. Not only does a pleasant temperature increase the productivity of workers, but it keeps business running at peak efficiency. The temperature and humidity levels of a workplace as well can be improved by conditioning the air quality and removing impurities from the air that employees breathe. is an online comprehensive portal and directory where companies can find convenience in locating air conditioning contractors in the Singapore area. There’s no need to visit multiple websites to mine or sift through piles of information to try to ascertain which companies may be able to do business with you. They are all available in one place-

From the website you will be able to read relevant news and industry articles with regard to air conditioning companies in Singapore, see company listings, products and services, green products and services, brand names, construction equipment, find contractors, developers, see upcoming events and more.

Some air conditioning contractors in Singapore include:


– PROVAC INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD, We specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of various systems and equipment, as well as project management services. In 1997, we achieved the SS ISO 9002:1994 certification and in 2003, the SS ISO 9001:2000 certification for Air-conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation Engineering Services. Our customers can be assured that projects undertaken by Provac International meet and exceed stringent ISO requirements. Also, as rising operating costs are of concern to customers, our products and services are designed to help solve these challenges.

Some products are:

Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning System, Mechanical Ventilation System, Automatic Control System, Explosion-Proof and Custom-Built Air-Conditioning System, Ductless Car Park Ventilation System and Thermal Energy Storage System.

  • Brand Names
  • RC CONDIZIONATORI — Chillers & crac units
  • WINSTAR — Jet fans
  • Kitchen Exhaust Ducts Cleaning & Degreasing
  • Technical Cleaning Services
  • Repair Duct Work & Exhaust Fan
  • Installation of Exhaust System
  • System & Servicing of Aircon Duct Work

When you’re looking for air conditioning contractors in Singapore, look no further than, where you can find everything you’re looking for in one place. Don’t waste your time searching and scouting websites hoping to find a company to do business with, visit the place where locals trust- visit for all of your air conditioning products and service needs in Singapore. Visit for more information.

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