The Real Reasons Why You Should Make Use of Promotional Apparel to Market Your Business


There’s no doubt that one way to promote your business – be it a small or medium-sized one or a large corporation – is to give gifts to your loyal customers and new clients. Promotional giveaways have worked for decades, and they can include everything from the ubiquitous pens and mugs to USBs and t-shirts. But if you are thinking of using promotional giveaways for your business, what you choose to give away matters. T-shirts and other apparel will always be a welcome gift for any customer, since they are versatile, they last long, and they can be worn at different times. And every time your customers wear the shirt or another apparel giveaway, they will automatically be reminded of your company and brand. Still not convinced? Here are the real reasons why you should make use of promotional clothing and apparel to market your business.

Customers will not associate it with ‘advertising’

When you give something useful to your customers, they will not see it as a way for you to advertise – they will, instead, view it as your way of saying ‘thank you’ for their patronage. This is why giveaways – especially apparel giveaways – work. Your customers will not see it as direct advertising as opposed to, say, a brochure or leaflet, and will simply appreciate it for what it is: a giveaway. Promotional giveaways such as t-shirts, caps, hoodies, and more are so useful that customers will think of your company and brand in a positive light every time they see and use it.

More exposure for your business

Promotional giveaways such as mugs, gadgets, and clothing have high visibility and a high impact as customers tend to use them more than once. Every time your customer goes out wearing your promotional clothing, they are a walking advertisement for your brand. Other people will see your promotional clothing and get your message; this also creates enhanced awareness for what you are and what you are offering. Also, the exposure you get from promotional clothing is much higher compared to other giveaways such as mugs; your customers will be walking around in public with your clothing, after all. It’s also a much more cost-effective way of marketing your business compared to other promotional tools and strategies.

Get creative with the details

With personalised clothing as giveaways, you can also get creative with the details. You can add custom details to your shirts and other apparel which will distinguish you from other brands. You can make your apparel as quirky and unique or as elegant and classy as you want, depending on your target market. With the right clothing printing provider such as Garment Printing, which specialises in t shirt printing in Manchester and other areas, you can even benefit from a range of printing methods such as screen printing, direct to garment printing, embroidery, and more. You have different options in design as well – you can have a simple logo of your company emblazoned on the apparel, you can opt for a complex and sophisticated design with multiple colours, or you can go for a design with a single, bold colour – the choice is up to you.

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