The Rise of Mandarin Language among Children and Adults


Chinese language also called Mandarin language is a language that has emerged from China and has become one of the many languages around the world that provides advantages to those people who have practise it. People who are learning Mandarin language has growth to 30 million in just five years and it has become another new must-have language due to the project made by China to overtake many world’s largest economy. Therefore, doing business in and with China requires people to speak the language to understand the complex cultural and political nuances.

Moreover, the growth of demand in learning Chinese language among the people around the world has also increased alongside the percentage of schools teaching the language. As a result, many people have send their children to Mandarin lessons at an early age in laying the foundation for fluency in Mandarin language as they grow and develop. As kids tend to be more capable to learn and absorb the new language at a young age, some families stock their children playroom with Disney videos in Mandarin language as well as providing Mandarin language iPhone apps to make their kids into Mandarin language speakers.

In general, learning Mandarin language takes about 2,200 class hours, whereas other languages such as Spanish language can be learned in around 600 to 750 class hours. Thus, kids who attend the Mandarin program for two years and been through a roughly 900 hours of instructions and exposure would tend to learn and absorb the language better than adults. This happen because children have more capability to differentiate their native language and the foreign language which help them to avoid confusion as well exhibit beautiful accent when they speak.

In adults, the methods for learning and mastering any foreign languages are always the same where it includes the people to find the right motivation as finding the wrong motivation may lead them to give up their learning at the first sign of difficulty. They should also think of ambitious long-term projects as well focusing on the short-term goals which are easily measurable. Furthermore, people should plan their learning in a balanced and sustainable way to avoid burning through their original enthusiasm. To understand more about the language, people may attend the lesson provided by Stanford to help them gain knowledge and deeper insight of the language as well as to expose them as much as possible to the language they interested.

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