The significance in E-learning in Singapore


The Internet is taking over the world like a storm, and it is important that this energy is harnessed as one of the major workforce in educating our children. We should have realized that the millennials are a very much different generation compared to the Y Generation as former lived in the era where the Internet and technology advancements are well established and blooming in Singapore. The millennials are the generation that is exposed the most to multi-sensory approach in learning compared to the previous generations in Singapore.

Various digital learning platforms

There are three types of e-learning platforms.

  1. The electronic platform – Educational TV
    The classic educational video productions such as Sesame Street from the United States and Teletubbies from the United Kingdom would be the primary forms of distance learning that was worldwide famous. The Singapore made educational videos such as “At the Zoo” and “ABC English series” were also part of the e-learning contributors in the 90s. The most recent on in Singapore is Genio, a breakthrough interactive educational TV series from SingTel’s mioTV.
  2. Online platforms

Web 2.0 such as Youtube, Wikipedia, Google Docs and also Blogs are the most popular forms of online education platforms as it morphed the traditional passive and linear learning into a more interactive and collaborative learning experience. Not only content would be generated by the administrator or the educator, students are invited to create their own content through these platforms as well.

  1. Learning Management System Software

These learning systems are mainly used in universities and colleges but has yet to develop its full potential. There are also efforts being made to integrate as many as possible socializing features and collaborative content creating opportunities within the system itself. It is a more efficient and systematic way of educating the users compared to Web 2.0 tools.

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