The Top 3 Favourite Essential Oils by Singapore Urban Men


get-organic-essential-oil-from-herbal-sense-life-singaporeMen have changed nowadays. Perhaps they have been staying un-moisturised for centuries and now they demand a change – one that is clean-looking with a nicely shaped eyebrow, donning the latest fashion of Armani Exchange and who looks into the mirror more than a female does!

They are not gay; they are the so-called metrosexual who lives in urban space and demand a quality lifestyle to complement their soul and career. They vow to fulfil both their external and internal satisfaction through fashion, hair care products, and also their food choices and living standard. And essential oil is one of their honoured tools since they have an incredible healing effect and promote a level of well-being especially in contemporary Singapore society.

We scour the top 3 favourite organic essential oils that are loved by our Singapore metrosexuals:

#1        Lavender

The word ‘lavender’ and its colour purple has been associated and is embraced by us that it is ‘the feminine’. However, lavender essential oil breaks the stereotype and is surprisingly the all-time favourite by our Singapore men.

The smell of lavender gives an uplifting mood and calms the mind. Our men in Singapore find it soothing especially after going through a long day of work. Moreover, lavender promotes deep sleep and makes one of the best alternatives in treating insomnia. The smell of lavender is also lethal to many bugs and insects and the smell also functions as a bug repellent. Now this is what we say killing two birds with a stone at night!

It is now obvious that why lavender essential oil makes the number 1 choice for our men then.

#2        Peppermint

The reason why peppermint essential oil makes up to the men’s favourite is because of its promising ability to reduce headache. It is proved to be equally effective as acetaminophen (conventional headache drug) in reducing headache.

In addition, peppermint is known to have anti-microbial effect and is thus favoured for its ability to soothe sore throat and cough. And what is more fascinating is that it stimulates hair growth as well! What a men’s saviour!

#3        Sandalwood

Sandalwood is widely known to be used in joss sticks due to its unique fragrance when it is lighted. Apart from its uses in religious ceremonies, the health benefits that sandalwood brings are recognised and are promoted recently in the form of essential oil.

Sandalwood is a natural anti-septic and is celebrated by men because of its excellent functions to treat skin problems such as acne and eczema. It has the ability in treating skin inflammations that result from insect bites or wounds while soothing the affected spot.

Its unique smell has a calming and relaxing effect and this is why you can find their existence whenever one mediates. The smell of the sandalwood is so unique that both man and woman love it and there’s a woman who is actually so obsessed with its scent for 45 years!

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