The Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Serviced Apartment Today


There are many options in store for those who want to invest in real estate, but one of the biggest property sectors today is the serviced apartment sector. Serviced apartments are typically high-quality, high-yield property investments consisting of units that have one, two, or three bedrooms, well-designed and appointed living spaces, and fully-equipped, modern kitchens. If you are thinking of the ideal buy to let investment which will give you excellent profits, serviced apartments are ideal. Here are the top reasons why you should invest in a serviced apartment today.

Out with the old, in with the new

Once upon a time, travellers (both business and leisure travellers alike) opted to stay in hotels for the simple reason that they were convenient and gave guests almost everything they could possibly need. But thanks to a different way of thinking as well as technological advancements like the Internet, serviced apartments have become a better option for more travellers.

Serviced apartments, for one, can be made to suit whatever type of traveller, whatever budget, and whatever lifestyle and taste, and customers today are more selective than ever. Guests have higher expectations when they stay at specific accommodation options, and the traditional hotel doesn’t adhere to many of these expectations any longer. For instance, more travellers are opting for a ‘home away from home’ environment, far different from the staid and generic environment provided by hotels. Serviced apartments offer more freedom for guests, allowing them to come and go as they please and basically do as they please in their own private and personal space. More business and leisure travellers appreciate the high quality and service provided by serviced apartments, and serviced apartments have become the accommodation of choice for many.

The demand is higher

Since travellers are looking for higher quality accommodation which also gives them more freedom, the demand is now higher for serviced apartments (such as the beautiful and thoroughly modern Native Serviced Apartments). There are now more than one million serviced apartments around the world, and in the UK alone, the serviced apartment sector is expected to grow at a tremendous rate, making it the fastest-growing sector in hospitality. Also, serviced apartments are not just popular in bigger cities, such as Manchester, London, and Glasgow. More serviced apartments can now be found in different areas as well, including Chester, York, and more. Besides, more often than not, hotel rates are too high for many travellers – and other travellers are merely looking for a more value-for-money stay, which has increased the demand for serviced apartments even more.

Better facilities and locations throughout the UK

The UK boasts an astounding number of tourist visits every year, and this number is growing even as we speak, particularly with the pound offering better value for visitors from overseas. Today, more visitors are exploring the entire country and not just its major cities, from the countryside to the coastal areas, and these travellers will most definitely be looking for serviced apartments. For instance, in the south west, the coastline has always drawn both local and foreign tourists, and the demand for fully-serviced apartments in the area is at an all-time high. And the tourism industry in the UK is set to become even more productive with the addition of better facilities throughout the country, such as better transport links and connections, better options for dining and entertainment, and more attractions.

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