The Trend Of Marriage In Singapore


Singapore, March 2015 – The trend of marriage in Singapore is an interesting one. According to the Registry of Marriage of Singapore, the number of marriage from 2004 to 2013 shows a number of steady increases in the solemnizations, although in the year of 2010 and 2013 respectively, it shows quite a plunge in the numbers. The number of marriages in 2013 was 26,254 compared to 27,936 in the year 2012.

Figures released by the Singaporean Department of Statistics also show that more young Singaporeans are delaying marriage. Marriage rates fell among those aged below 30 years in the last two years, compared with a decade ago. On the other hand, it rose for Singaporeans aged 30 and above. A sociologist from the National University of Singapore, Dr Paulin Straughan said that the trend of delayed marriage will continue as more young Singaporeans are focusing on their careers first. This can be seen from the median age of the first marriages being 30.1 for grooms and 28 for brides, unlike 28.8 for men and 26.2 for women in 2001.

Despite the slight decline, there are an increasing number of mixed marriages and remarriages. The trend suggests that Singaporeans are becoming more liberal in their choice of life mates, be it either marrying outside their ethnic group or getting hitched with divorcees. This may be due to the fact that more parents are becoming open in letting their children decide their own life decisions due to modernity and a change of socio-cultural customs. The same can be said with the marriage reception trend among the newlyweds. There is an increase in the numbers of Singaporeans tying their knot with a Western styled wedding receptions than the old but gold traditional style.

The trend is likely to stay and linger due to the popularity of Western culture and popular culture promoting the idea to Singaporeans. To fulfil the need and want of the market, bridal shops offering designer-style Western wedding attires are on the rise. One such is the bridal shop named Rico-A-Mona. This bridal shop offers an array of Western-styled wedding dresses in Singapore, with photography packages, groom outfits and make-up and hair-do for the bride. Most of the photography packages too, are a mirror to the popular Western culture depicted in commercial films and soap operas.

In the end, it does not actually matter how you tie the knot or hold a wedding reception. What matters is to stay together and be happy with one another. A marriage is, ideally for a lifetime but should it not work that way, there is no reason to be disappointed with it. Life is, after all an absurdity. One might as well enjoy things as it is and be content with everything one is able to achieve without being carried away with trends. Trends are after all, seasonal. So be careful to not jump into a bandwagon blindly.

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