The Use of Facial Recognition System Then and Now


It is surprising how many things we can do with the kind of technology that we have today. More often, technology which used to have limited purposes are now used in multiple industries. We can hardly count the number of inventions which were first designed for the government’s use, but then became a technology that does a lot of things for the benefit of the public. One of these things is the facial recognition system.

Facial recognition used to be one of the inventions which is now made for the public’s use.

Facial recognition is still mainly used for security purposes today, but back then it was not as prevalent as it is now. Facial recognition, along with other biometric systems like the fingerprint recognition, is first used for law enforcement. In the US, for example, facial recognition system is mainly used by the government and is meant to check the immigrants and foreign travelers who are attempting to enter the country. Facial recognition captures the facial features of the person and have it checked against their database of known criminals. This way they would recognize any felon who may attempt to gain entry.

Nowadays, facial recognition has become less expensive, so that more of the people can make use of it. It has become one of the prevalent biometric systems used for security purposes today. Companies and various industries make use of this technology as a means of improving security by making sure that only authorized personnel are allowed access to certain areas, such as in door access systems. Its functions is still the same, only that the system captures facial features and check it on its database to know if the person is authorized to enter or not. It is all thanks to facial recognition that security is now made even better for everyone.

 At Info-Tech, they offer the most up to date facial recognition access device. Known as iFace II, this device captures the relative face position, size and shape of user’s eyes, nose, cheekbones and jaw features while registering the face and is ideal for matching and verifying each employee based on features and not superficial appearance. Generally, industries like chemical and construction would use such a device since their fingerprints may not be read due to their nature of work. However, if there are cases whereby there may not be any successful facial identification, users can also scan their fingerprint as this device encompasses both facial and fingerprint scanning.

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