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It takes a lot of skills, knowledge and smarts to effectively allocate a set of resources within a home, company or even nation. This is where Economists would certainly be helpful, towards equally partitioning goods for the benefit of a group. Whether you’ve always been fascinated by the discipline of Economics or you’d like to acquire a set of skills for managerial purposes, it’s worthwhile to think like an Economist. This is where signing up for an Economics Tuition would be helpful.

Upon going through the thorough methods of learning Economics, you’ll most probably have these ways of reasoning per topic:

On the relationship of GDP growth in Asia and increase of oil prices

As you read the latest news headlines, thinking like an Economist will mean forecasting several factors which are affected by a certain sector shift. In the scenario of Asian GDP growth and how it affects the increase of oil prices, some top forecasters can optimistically mention how the demand for cars will also increase.

A student who has enrolled in an A Level Economics Tuition would also be considering how the GDP growth must far exceed oil prices, so there would not be an increased risk when it comes to purchasing cars. Having their very own vehicles would be advantageous for Singaporeans. However, not everyone can take the risk of spending way beyond their budget if their increased incomes can’t keep up with the demands of maintaining a car.

Government interventions in the market of petrol production

While most businessmen would capitalize every possible chance to own a significant share of their market, the government will make sure competition stays fair. From an Economist’s point of view, taxes would be imposed to ensure the operation of petrol production and distribution would be well-regulated. Intervention is necessary so consumers would have better chances of making the right choice, despite slight variations on prices.

Expansion of trading partners and their effects on marketing goods in the economy

More than just seeing the good news of both companies joining forces, an Economist will see the other factors surrounding the latest merging. If the companies sell high-end items, then there would be studies made on how mid-priced and low-priced selling items would match up on the increased strength of the merged companies.

These would be all related on the buying capacities of the general public, and a reader who just learned of the news may draw out conclusions depending on their backgrounds. For a thinker who has an Economics background, the merging effects would depend on the goods’ categories. If the company sells necessities instead of high-end, luxury products then the ball game would altogether be different. This is one tangible point of view which someone who has taken an Econs Tuition can draw out.

About Economics Cafe

Economics Café is headed by Principal Economics Tutor, Mr. Edmund Quek. The school aims to deliver a fruitful learning journey in the subject of Economics, beyond mere theories and concepts. The methodologies should enable students to apply what they learned in the most practical scenarios, towards making the best set of decisions. For more information about their services, you may visit:

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