Timeless Mainstays May Be Gone in Place of Modern as HomeDesign Launches New Custom Renovation Package



Design standards have become more subjective throughout the years thus HomeDesign brings in a custom renovation package to fit every homeowner’s desires and preferences.

Well-designed rooms have always stuck to the staples like functional furniture and classic color combinations. Many interior design professionals abide by and are aware by these staples although recently, they may not be as adhered or imposed as strictly. According to interior designer Isla Schmidt, the most followed design rule may be overrated after all.

In a report by the Huffington Post, going for the perfect symmetry and maintaining such to create sophistication may not be the best decision for all designers after all. According to Schmidt: “A lot of people think symmetry means things have to be equal…It really just means balance. So, instead of doing two of the exact same thing — matching pairs of things — try to do something a little different.”

(For more information on the Huffington Post report: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/28/home-design-tips-rule-to-break_n_6557330.html)

Schmidt further explains: “Say you have a sofa and two side tables…You have a lamp on one side, [but]you don’t have to do the same lamp on the other side. You could do a vase in a similar color or a collection of objects so that they both balance, but it’s a little more interesting.”

The trick is to remain subtle and control with variations. HomeDesign understands that every home has different requirements. Thus, the company is introducing a new custom renovation package for interior design and renovation services in Singapore. The company guarantees clients and interested patrons that renovation package requests do not come with extra design fees or hidden costs. GST is also not applicable.

HomeDesign provides illustrations on its web page to offer clients a better idea on what to expect from the design services. The custom renovation package page also comes with space planning, design and 3D visualization functionalities so customers are given a full scope of the services they can get and for what price. All services provided under HomeDesign come with 2 years workmanship warranty.

HomeDesign’s interior and renovation services are available under several categories including: painting, kitchen, living room, bedroom, washroom, lights & electrical works, wallpaper (with catalogue choices), false ceiling & cover lighting, flooring grills and window work. To guarantee customers that they are getting the best deals, HomeDesign makes sure its rates and services are provided. It is the only ID firm in Singapore to do such.

Clients are guaranteed competitive contractor rates for all their design needs. HomeDesign also offers free quotation services within 24 hours helping homeowners decide effectively. HomeDesign offers a talent pool with experience in designing and renovating a varied range of living spaces.

About HomeDesign:
HomeDesign is a leading provider of interior design and renovation services in Singapore. The company offers a pool of experienced and talented interior designers in Singapore with other services such as space planning, 3D visualization and design. For more information, see: http://homedesign.sg/.

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